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If you are a recruiter or a hiring manager, the first thought that pops into your head when you think ‘tech hiring’ would most likely be ‘it’s complicated,’ just like the movie! What if we were to tell you that it doesn’t have to be?

Our aim of making tech hiring simple, fair, and unprejudiced began over eight years ago. Since then, we have been adding carefully designed products for each phase of the hiring lifecycle to our kitty and rounded off by launching HackerEarth for Enterprises earlier this year.

Your one-stop-shop for all things hiring is finally here.

The ‘suite’ spot of tech hiring

To make the lives of both sides of the hiring equation easy, namely, recruiters and developers, we present to you HackerEarth for Enterprises – a complete suite of products right from attracting, sourcing, interviewing to upskilling. 

It’s the tech industry’s first comprehensive platform of its kind to unite every step of the employee lifecycle. Our solutions are built by developers for developers so we get a ringside view of all the possible challenges that a developer may face during the hiring process.

Let me take you through how our products benefit each step of the tech hiring employee lifecycle.

The tech behind hiring great tech teams

#1  Hackathons

Tech hiring through hackathons

The first phase of the hiring process begins with sourcing and attracting the right candidates when a job role opens up. 

With our 6 million strong developer community, we put organizations in the path of one of the largest qualified candidate pools out there. Our customized virtual hackathons are well-suited to engaging the developer community as well as strengthen your employer brand. We are fully capable of conducting and managing hackathons at scale to drive business impact.

Our hiring challenges are better-equipped to standardize sourcing and finding the right developer according to your hiring needs. Tech companies like Microsoft, IBM, Amazon Alexa have utilized our hiring challenges to attract and source the best candidates for their teams.

#2 HackerEarth Assessments

Coding assessments to screen tech candidates

With your shortlisted candidates, you now have to check for their skills. See if what they mentioned on their resumes pans out in a live coding assessment. The coding test tool should also be easy to use, offer objective evaluation, and provide detailed reports. 

Check, check and check. HackerEarth Assessments offers all this and more. Our rich library of 13,000+ questions across 80+ skills enables you to create highly accurate coding assessments with very minimal technical knowledge. Our platform lets you create your own assessment for any role or skill in under 5 minutes, and you can even add your custom questions if you like!

Since our platform can seamlessly integrate with popular ATSs like LinkedIn Talent Hub, Lever, Workable, JazzHR, and more, you can sync all your candidate data with your ATS. You can directly invite candidates to take the assessment you created on our platform, see at what stage each candidate is in throughout the hiring process, and avail performance reports, all from your ATS – without switching between multiple applications.

Our advanced proctoring measures with the option to customize the stringency, insight-rich reports on each candidate’s performance, and built-in PII (Personal Identifiable Information) feature that eliminates bias from the process offer an objective, accurate, and unprejudiced screening process.

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#3 FaceCode


Tech interviews get a bad rap from developers all around the world. Be it because of the complicated, archaic interview processes, or using whiteboards or even pen/paper. We wanted to create an interview experience that can blow away even the most critical of developers and that is how FaceCode, our intelligent remote interviewing tool came to life!

We released the updated version of our coding interview platform – FaceCode 2.0 – earlier this year in March. Following the release, we have seen a considerable spike (57%) in the number of users on our platform.

FaceCode allows you to easily invite candidates and conduct coding interviews, using a real-time, collaborative code editor with a built-in compiler. Say goodbye to whiteboards!

Enter pair programming with a panel of up to 5 interviewers who can conduct live interviews. Our tool also offers objective and standardized evaluation parameters to ensure that every candidate is evaluated based on the same parameters.

Lack of feedback post-interview is a major thorn in candidates’ side, as stated by 40% of the respondents of HackerEarth’s Developer Survey 2021. With FaceCode, that is no longer a problem. Our platform provides automated summarized reports at the end of each interview populated with AI-based behavioral insights. Isn’t that neat?

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#4 HackerEarth’s L&D platform and Internal Hackathons

HE's L&D platform

To be future-ready is to be conscious of the steps you take in the present. Hiring your selected candidate, onboarding them, and assigning them responsibilities is not the end of the journey. As a company focused on driving innovation continuously, you have to start with your employees. Nurture them, engage them, and give them ample opportunities to learn at every stage of their career. 

HackerEarth’s L&D platform helps employees to assess themselves and identify skill gaps. Once these are defined, you can then curate individual learning pathways that will help your team upskill, grow and be ready for future challenges in the ‘present’. 

Ensuring your team is sufficiently engaged given that everybody is working remotely is of superior importance. Our internal hackathons bring different teams together to enhance cross-team collaboration and participate in real-world challenges to brush up on their skills.

Building future-ready tech teams begins here

Hiring in tech, especially in the aftermath of a pandemic, has become extremely competitive. To keep up with the rapidly changing trends and landscape, you need to make your hiring process seamless, empathetic, and flexible for your candidates – to attract the most qualified talent.

At HackerEarth, that is what we deliver on a silver platter! A robust, easy-to-use, remote-ready platform that caters to your every hiring need along with providing a positive interview experience for your developers. 

Are you ready to begin building your dream tech team? Go on then, take HackerEarth for Enterprises for a quick spin to know more.

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