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The most intelligent way to conduct coding interviews

FaceCode is an online coding interview platform that lets you easily set up, invite and conduct coding interviews on a collaborative, real-time code editor that automates your interview summaries.

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FaceCode is the most intelligent online coding interview platform out there. That’s because
it comes with a state-of-the-art collaborative code editor, a built-in question library, HD video chat,
a diagram board and so much more. Click below to experience it first hand.

Test your candidate's skills using these collaborative tools

Coding editor

Coding editor

Diagram board

Diagram board

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Easily identify the right talent for your team

Invite candidates to the coding interview


Easily schedule interviews and send branded invites to candidates.

Easy live coding interview scheduling - HackerEarth
Pair program with candidates

Pair program

Eliminate the need for multiple interview rounds by conducting live coding interviews with a panel of upto 5 interviewers.

Facecode Pair Program Interface - HackerEarth
Evaluate developers coding skills


Make truly informed hiring decisions thanks to automated interview summaries with AI-based behavioral insights.

Evaluate Candidates Based On Online Coding Interview - HackerEarth
Mistakes To Avoid During Pair Programming Interviews
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Spend less time making reports and more time making decisions

FaceCode combines your candidate feedback with ai-based insights to effortlessly generate
the most accurate interview reports ever. This is just another reason why it’s the preferred
online coding interview platform for thousands of organizations.

Score the developer's coding skills
Insights from the coding interview
Summary of the coding interview

Make the right hire, every single time

Diagram boards for system design interviews

Use diagram Boards for systems design interviews

Through interactive diagram boards, FaceCode makes it possible to grade a candidate’s communication skills and high-level thinking. As a result, it provides a clear evaluation of the candidate’s thinking and problem solving ability.

Access interview recordings & transcripts at any point in time

FaceCode helps make the right hire even days after the online coding interview. That’s because it perpetually stores interview recordings and transcripts. So you can replay how a piece of code was written, or recall a candidate’s response to a question at any point in the hiring process.

Transcripts of the coding interview Transcripts of the coding interview
Bias-free coding interviews

Stay objective with ability to hide candidate PII

To support your pursuit of truly unbiased tech recruitment, FaceCode allows you to mask any and all candidate PII at the flick of the switch, before or during a live coding interview.

High performance, even at scale

Whether you are setting up online coding interviews for tens, or thousands of candidates, FaceCode can back you up. All thanks to HackerEarth’s security measures, as well as EU-GDPR and EEOC compliance.

ISO 2013


ISMS 2015






99.99% Uptime

99.99% Uptime

FaceCode outranks every other alternative

Thanks to its incredible feature set, FaceCode has quickly become the coding interview tool of
choice for thousands of companies across the globe.

Features FaceCode Coderpad Collabedit Google meet Zoom
Mask personally identifiable information Supports No Support No Support No Support No Support
Access to transcripts Supports No Support No Support No Support No Support
Chat room for interviewers Supports No Support No Support No Support No Support
Video and audio chat Supports No Support No Support No Support No Support
Drawing board mode Supports No Support No Support No Support No Support
Code recording Supports No Support No Support No Support No Support
Signal strength Supports No Support No Support No Support No Support
Programming languages 41 35 71 None None
ATS integrations 7 5 None None None

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