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with intelligent coding interviews

Coding interviews, now perfected with HackerEarth’s collaborative, real-time
code editor with automated interview summary.

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Intelligence is
using a platform that is both powerful and effortless

With support for over 41 programming languages and a slick user experience, FaceCode makes tech interviews smooth as can be.

Facecode Pair Programming Interface

Intelligence is
spending no time writing interview feedback

FaceCode lets you score a candidate during an interview and adds ai-based insights for the most accurate and effortless interview reports ever. All to help you make the right decision in the least amount of time.

Candidate Scoring
Interview Insights
Coding Interview Summary

Intelligence is
making the right hire, every single time

With the ability to truly test a candidate’s communication skills, revisit transcripts or recordings, and to minimize unconscious biases, FaceCode is a well-rounded tool that enables well-informed hiring decisions.

Diagram boards for coding interviews

Use diagram boards for systems design interviews

By making it easier to grade an interviewee’s communication skills and high-level thinking, FaceCode's interactive diagram boards help judge a candidate's problem solving and thought process.

View transcripts and playback interview recordings at any point

FaceCode lets you replay how a piece of code was written, or recall a candidate’s response to a question at any point in the hiring process thanks to perpetual storage of recordings and transcripts.

Developer Interview transcripts Developer Interview recordings
Removing bias from coding interviews

Remove bias with the ability to hide candidate PII*

To support your pursuit of truly unbiased tech recruitment, FaceCode allows you to mask any and all candidate PII at the flick of the switch.

* This is an optional feature

Intelligence is
getting high performance, at scale

Whether you are interviewing tens, or thousands of candidates, FaceCode can back you up.
All thanks to HackerEarth’s security measures, as well as EU-GDPR and EEOC compliance.

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ISO 27017 and ISO 27001
99.9% uptime
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Intelligence is
getting your money’s worth, and then some


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Intelligence is
outranking every other alternative

  • FaceCode
  • CodePair
  • Coderpad
  • Collabedit
Features FaceCode CodePair Coderpad Collabedit
Automated, ai-based interview summary Supports No Support No Support No Support
Access to interview transcripts Supports No Support No Support No Support
Playback and storage of entire interview recording Supports No Support No Support No Support
Mask personally identifiable information Supports No Support No Support No Support
Custom evaluation parameters Supports Support No Support No Support
Support for multiple interviewers with private chat Supports Support No Support No Support
Drawing board mode Supports Support Support No Support

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