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hire better from universities

University visit

Visit more universities without the need for travel and cast a wider net to identify the best tech talent

Assess students remotely

Assess students remotely through accurate online assessments with best-in-class proctoring

Remote Interviews

Remotely interview students with our tech video interview tool FaceCode with a panel of hiring managers

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Accurately assess job-readiness in a few clicks

Assess candidates in-depth based solely on their coding ability

Pick from a library of 10K+ questions designed to test a candidate's programming abilities

Simulate on-the-job coding environment and give candidates a feel of what work entails

University recruitment software
Cut bias

Cut bias out of the screening process

Hide personally identifiable information from assessments and video interviews so that only coding skills matter

Ensure only the best candidates make the cut with an EEO-compliant platform

Invite a diverse set of candidates from different backgrounds with a click of a button


Helping ZS reduce its recruitment cycle and improve the quality of Machine Learning hires

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Prevent plagiarism with the most advanced proctoring features

Prevent tab-switching, disable copy-paste, and evaluate only genuine code submissions

Capture candidate snapshots at different intervals and detect anomalies and impersonations

IP-restrict tests to ensure only candidates from a particular university are taking the assessment

Prevent plagiarism with proctoring
Facecode interface

Evaluate a candidate's programming skills in real-time

Conduct remote coding interviews with an in-browser code editor that supports 35+ programming languages

Watch candidates code and assess their coding skills in real-time

Involve multiple interviewers in documenting and evaluating a candidate's performance

Delight candidates with a fantastic test experience

Allow candidates to submit their solutions in 35+ programming languages

Assist candidates with best in-class IDE and developer-friendly tools like autocomplete & linting

Help candidates focus on logic rather than syntax with in-line error highlighting

Ensure fair assessments

Enabling Amazon to hire the brightest minds from 200+ universities

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Step into the era of remote university recruiting