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Skill assessments in the age of ChatGPT
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Prevent cheating and ensure every
test score is reliable

Test scores are only as reliable as the proctoring capabilities of the platform. That is why we recommend HackerEarth Smart Browser, an AI-powered online exam proctoring application with the most robust invigilation capabilities in the market.

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Cheating demands smarts
but our proctored exams are smarter

By preventing the following actions, the chances of a candidate cheating on a
HackerEarth technical assessment are virtually zero.

Screen sharing the test window

Screen sharing the
test window

Running parallel applications

Running parallel

Resizing the test window

Resizing the test

Copy-pasting code

Copy-pasting code

Using malicious keystrokes

Using malicious

Accessing OS notifications

Accessing OS

Using a virtual machine

Using a virtual

Accessing browser developer tools

Accessing browser
developer tools

A testing application that lets you
trust candidate scores

Thanks to the capabilities of the Smart Browser, you can be sure that every candidate’s
test score is a result of their ability alone.

Sealed-off testing environment

The Smart Browser is a full-screen application that prevents candidates from accessing the test within a virtual machine, running other applications, or sharing the screen, thus ensuring reliable assessments every time.

Eagle-eyed online test monitoring

By recording the test window, and taking frequent snapshots via the webcam, the AI-enabled Smart Browser ensures that it is impossible to copy-paste code or impersonate a candidate.

An enterprise-level application that is built for everyone

HackerEarth Smart Browser offers industry-leading compliance, security and scalability. So you can reliably conduct technical assessments regardless of the size of your organization.

ISO 2013

ISO 2013

ISMS 2015

ISO 2015

99.99% Uptime

99.99% Uptime





Experience reliable assessments
with Smart Browser