Remote hiring solutions to transform every step of your recruitment process

01 Source


Organize virtual hackathons, attract skilled developers,and build a healthy candidate pipeline

02 Assess


Conduct online coding assessments and accurately assess a candidate’s programming abilities

03 Interview


Schedule live video interviews and evaluate a candidate’s coding skills in real-time

Everything you need to fast-track remote hiring for all developer roles

Source talent and ideas with Virtual Hackathons

  • Conduct hackathons that can tackle a wide variety of challenges and scale them across the globe
  • Amplify your employer brand across a 4 million strong developer community
  • Attract niche and rare tech talent while building a robust talent pipeline and reducing costs
  • Simulate the work environment and assess not just programming skills, but also group dynamics and culture fit
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Organize online hackathons
Tech talent has gone remote so can your hiring

Tech talent has gone remote and so can
your hiring

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Evaluate candidates accurately

Evaluate candidates accurately with HackerEarth Assessments

  • Create accurate take-home coding assessments in under five minutes
  • Pick from a vast library of 10K+ questions and evaluate a candidate's skill across 35+ programming languages
  • Use advanced proctoring mechanisms to shortlist genuine tech talent
  • Make informed hiring decisions with in-depth insights on a candidate's performance
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Conduct remote interviews effortlessly with FaceCode

  • Go beyond whiteboards and collaboration docs, and evaluate a candidate's code in real-time
  • Conduct pair programming sessions via an integrated code editor that supports 30+ programming languages
  • Add multiple interviewers, and thoroughly evaluate a candidate's approach and logic
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Conduct remote interviews effortlessly

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HackerEarth is a leader in Pre-Employment Screening on G2 HackerEarth is a leader in Technical Skills Screening on G2 HackerEarth is a leader in Pre-Employment Screening on G2

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