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AI powered solutions for your business

Conduct internal hackathons to drive adoption of generative AI tools within your teams or leverage the power of public hackathons to quickly come up with generative AI-powered solutions for your business.

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Community of developers at the forefront of AI

Get access to and engage with a community of 7 million+ developers and crowd-source solutions for your business problems through artificial intelligence hackathons.

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All our online hackathons and hiring challenges are fully curated, managed services. To put it simply, you get the engagement you need, without any bandwidth drain.

Generative AI

Generative AI could deliver total value in the range of $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion in economic benefits annually when applied across industries (McKinsey).

The HackerEarth advantage

Benefit from our extensive experience in hackathons and AI, ensuring best-in-class solutions for your business. Discover how our clients have unleashed the potential of AI in their business with managed hackathons.

Case Study

Innovation for developers and developer tools

The DevRev Hackathon - Coding with AI hackathon had a goal to build a solution that improves the everyday tasks of developers in the form of a VS Code extension. With over 2000 registrations, the hackathon showed some notable solutions including auto-debugging, auto code generation, and unit test generation features.

2000+ Registrations
Case Study

AI hackathon for API adoption at a global scale

The Microsoft Virtual Hackathon leveraged the collective strength of nearly 750 participants from across 15 Asian countries to create transformative solutions in advanced data analytics and AI. Using Azure AI, hundreds of developers built state-of-the-art solutions aligned with themes like AI based prediction, manual task automation with GitHub Actions, online game development, driving the digital loop with IoT and power platform systems.

Adoption at a global scale
Case Study

AI hackathon for improving and enhancing the efficiency of business

The EV Charging Challenge by hackathon had the objective of tackling real energy challenges and helping build a lower-carbon world. In this two-phase hackathon, participants aimed to optimize the placement of EV chargers to meet customer demand while remaining robust to demographic changes. With nearly 4000 participants from universities, start-ups, and other segments, this hackathon brought together creative minds to develop out-of-the-box solutions for energy problems.

AI for improving and enhancing the efficiency of business
Case Study

AI hackathon for product adoption

The Daisi Hackathon was a platform for developers to deploy and share python microservices. Participants created Python serverless functions called "Daisies," which were deployed on the Daisi cloud computing platform. This 2-phase product adoption hackathon encouraged candidates to submit multiple entries and engaged with more than 1700+ developers throughout the period of the hackathon.

AI for product adoption
Case Study

AI hackathon for the retail industry

The "Life out Here" AI/ML Hackathon by Tractor Supply brought together candidates from over 2000 locations for a 10-day virtual event focused on leveraging AI/ML in retail. The hackathon featured 22 events where participants worked to build solutions that utilizes AI/ML, such as inventory replenishment recommendations, customer dwell time measurement, distribution center forecasting, pricing optimization, loss prevention, and personalized product recommendations.

AI for the retail industry