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Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment

Are dragons real? Even if they are, you must know how to ride them. Same is true with Artificial...

Why Human Intelligence needs to lead Artificial Intelligence while hiring

If you want to be 20% better at hiring, you just need to be more efficient. To be 100%...

Decoding the state of women in tech

Find out how well do women developers fare in today’s technology-driven world. Download the full report now.

How to link HR Strategy to your organisation’s value chain

For most organizations, their employees are their most valuable assets and their most expensive as well.  It is, therefore,...

Guide to ensuring effective talent assessment

What is Talent assessment? Talent assessment test or how some term them a pre-employment test or screening test are...

Increasing diversity through improved hiring practices

Diversity & Inclusion can be beneficial to your organization but what is your company doing to ensure your hiring...