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The sky is no limit because of the values at our core

Don’t be an asshole

Don’t be an asshole

We pride ourselves for having a work culture that is helpful, fun
and also treats everyone with respect.

Leadership Behaviors:

We are never an ‘asshole’ and ensure that no one around us is one
We care for our people
We are inclusive
Hunger for excellence

Hunger for excellence

We love people that do the ordinary, extraordinarily and strive
to be better than the last time, every single time.

Leadership Behaviors:

We are obsessed about constantly raising the bar of performance for ourselves
We’re obsessed about the impact that we create with our efforts
We always give, and also ask for honest, real-time feedback
We have a strong bias towards action
Disagree and commit

Disagree and commit

We encourage people to speak up or disagree, but in instances
where velocity is more important than consensus, we disagree,
but commit.

Leadership Behaviors:

We do not shy away from any conflicts
We make mistakes and learn from them
Customer obsession

Customer Obsession

Our clients' success is our success and we continuously take
measures to empathise with our customers.

Leadership Behaviors:

We are obsessed with finding solutions for our customers
We are obsessed with the customer experience
We are obsessed with quality
We say no when it is required
team greater than me

Team > Me

We aren’t just a team. We’re an army unit that works towards
incredibly challenging goals, with an emphasis on growing together.

Leadership Behaviors:

We take charge of our personal growth and development
We share information transparently
We challenge & support each other
We create brilliant teams