Technical video interviews simplified

With FaceCode, conducting a technical video interview is a simple 2 step process.

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Video Interview Invite


Video interviewing functionality is integrated right into the heart of HackerEarth’s developer assessment platform. So inviting a developer candidate and scheduling interviews is a whole lot simpler.


Add multiple interviewers, watch the candidates as they code, and evaluate a developer candidate for job-readiness.

Video Interview Evaluate

Video interviews, perfected.

Cloud-powered video interviews

Cloud-powered video interviews

Add multiple interviewers and assess a candidate’s programming skills in real-time.

Cloud-powered video interviews

Multiple programming languages

FaceCode supports 30+ programming languages such as JAVA, PHP, Javascript, Python, Ruby and many more.

Cloud-powered video interviews

Code Editor

The integrated code editor makes editing, compiling and running the code a whole lot easier.

Cloud-powered video interviews

Multiple Interviewers

Don’t limit yourself to one-on-one interviews. Add multiple interviewers and conduct video interviews without any hassles.

Cloud-powered video interviews

Real-time evaluation

Watch candidates code and evaluate their skills along with fellow interviewers in real-time. Share instant feedback and rating once the interview is over.

Cloud-powered video interviews

Interview history

Access a candidate’s interview board even after the interview. So you will always have all the data you need to make the right hiring decisions.

Information masking

Personally identifiable information masking

Mask personally identifiable information, reduce bias, and assess candidates solely on their coding ability

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