Remote coding interviews, simplified

01 Candidate invite


Invite shortlisted
candidates for the live
video interview

02 Pair program

Pair program

Conduct a pair programming session and assess their coding skills in real-time

03 Candidate evaluate


Evaluate a candidate’s job-readiness along with a panel of interviewers

How FaceCode outranks every alternative

  • FaceCode
  • Coderpad
  • Collabedit
Mask personally identifiable informationSupportsNo SupportNo Support
Access to transcriptsSupportsNo SupportNo Support
Chat room for interviewersSupportsNo SupportNo Support
Video and audio chatSupportsSupportNo Support
Drawing board modeSupportsSupportNo Support
Code recordingSupportsSupportSupport
Programming languages413517
ATS integrations75None

Reimagine coding interviews with FaceCode