Deliver a delightful candidate

Best IDE experience

Code better with the best
IDE experience

Candidates can code more efficiently using the IDE
on the assessment platform. Using multiple code
editors (VIM, Emacs) on a smooth user interface,
candidates can create, debug, and compile their
code more effectively.

Optimized Test experience

Tools that bring the best out of

HackerEarth’s assessment platform provides pre-
populated snippets that enable candidates to
focus more on the logic of the code, and not
worry about the syntax. In addition, the
autocomplete feature provides intelligent
code completion suggestions, based on
language semantics.

Inline error notifications

Debug your code with inline
error notifications

In the event of a runtime or output error, candidates
can view the errors highlighted in the code editor
on their test interface. As they hover over the
notification, they will see a detailed error message,
enabling them to take corrective action.

Proactive Notifications

Get proactive notifications for
a smooth test experience

If there’s an issue with the system requirements
needed for the test environment to function
smoothly, candidates receive an alert with the
appropriate error message. This is based on the
error that occurs such as network failure, server
error, errors in loading JavaScript files and more.

Multiple Languages

Code in the language of your choice

Based on the admin settings, candidates can choose from 38 different languages to answer
programming questions in the preferred language.

Practice Tests

Prepare for assessments by
taking practice tests

Candidates can take practice tests; get more
familiar with the test environment, and hone
their skills before taking an assessment.

Native Languages

Take assessments in your
native language

Candidates can take an assessment in 5 different
regional languages other than English.

Candidate Feedback

Get candidate feedback to make
your assessments more relevant

After an assessment, candidates can give detailed
feedback about their experience on HackerEarth,
informing recruiters about how they can improve
it further.

Guarantee a top-notch test
experience to your next best tech hire