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Helping high-performing tech teams find their skill match

Equipped with best-in-class industry standards, enabling hire at scale

Security & Compliance

Best-in-class security & compliance that ensures data-privacy and unbiased assessments.


Seamless integrations with every major ATS provider for hassle-free assessment launch from day one.


Enjoy 24*7 expert customer support that helps you get maximum value out of the product.

Uniquely positioned for Enterprise readiness, our continuous innovation sets us apart

Seamless migration from any platform to HackerEarth Assessments

Kickstart your journey with HackerEarth by migrating existing questions, assessments, and other data for all your teams with agility and ease.

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Support for custom question creation

The platform supports your unique hiring requirements, allowing you to create your own questions from scratch or leverage HackerEarth's Professional Services team.

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Comprehensive onboarding program tailored for large and complex teams

Benefit from the collaborative efforts of our engineering, product, and support teams, going the extra mile to put in place the right assessment framework for you.

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Reliable and valid assessments to keep you compliant, every time

We ensure the highest level of validity and reliability in our coding tests, and thereby make sure that you stay ahead of bias and legal pitfalls when hiring for developers.

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On-demand integration, to build a unified workflow with your ATS

Need to integrate with a specific HR tech or ATS provider? Or looking to do a custom integration? Just put in a request and we'll ensure a quick integration for smarter hiring right from day one.

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Dedicated expert support for test creation

Our subject matter experts collaborate with you to create role/job relevant assessments tailored to your specific requirements.

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Combat the use of ChatGPT by candidates during assessments with our AI-powered Smart Browser

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The only skills platform you need to build an enviable tech team

Assessment library

Bias-free and expert-validated assessments for large scale hiring

  • Get access to a rich, growing library of 22,000+ questions.
  • Screen for top skills like full-stack, data science, selenium, SQL, DevOps, cyber security and more.
  • Stay future-ready by evaluating and hiring candidates with AI skills.
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Team management

Handy features for working across large teams, users, and apps

  • Seamlessly manage large teams with role based access controls.
  • Enterprise SSO enables users to securely access HackerEarth.
  • Multi-domain support integrates various subsidiaries into a master enterprise account.
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Data-driven hiring

Fair and plagiarism-free assessments, including ChatGPT detector

  • Highest testing standards with ML-backed reliability scores and role-specific skill-based tests.
  • Benchmark candidate performance or compare them against 8M+ developers on HackerEarth.
  • In-depth reports showcasing skill-wise performance charts and code quality analysis.
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Benchmark internal talent

Address talent gaps with hands-on learning and drive skill development

  • Guarantee unparalleled future skill readiness with skill gap analysis and recommendations.
  • Benchmark your workforce and ensure talent project readiness.
  • Super charge internal mobility, role rotation and skill development.
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Seamless interview process

Make confident hiring decisions with real-time AI-driven insights

  • Streamline hiring with automated evaluation, reporting, and interview summary.
  • Shorten the time to hire with multiple interviewers in live pair-programming sessions.
  • Hire for experienced roles, with role-relevant questions, like system design, project development.
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Dillon Provost

We use FaceCode to assess developers in real-time using actual tasks which they would perform day-to-day.

Jeff Sterniak
Senior Autonomy Engineering Manager at May Mobility
May Mobility

Naveen K Konda

The ease with which a recruiter can create a test on HackerEarth and assess a candidate on a vast skill-set is simply amazing. The analytics that the platform provides gives an accurate measure of the candidate performance, which helps in hiring top-quality talent.

Naveen K Konda
Talent Acquisition Head at Ellucian

Ali Ghasemkhani

By using HackerEarth Assessments, we are giving our candidates an equal opportunity to prove their technical knowledge and skills, making the recruiting process fairer.

Ali Ghasemkhani
HR Director at Snapp!

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