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Run industry-leading hackathons
with HackerEarth's Online Hackathon Platform

HackerEarth's online hackathon platform enables organizations to get in front of 7.6 million qualified developers,
or engage developers internally, with minimal bandwidth drain.

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Drive innovation with online hackathons

With HackerEarth's hackathons you can not only find qualified developers but can also engage the developer community and your internal workforce

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Global hackathons

Engaging a community of 7.6 million developers to find fresh talent and drive innovation

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Hiring Challenges

Host coding hackathons and standardize sourcing with access to qualified developers

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Internal Hackathons

Unsilo teams with cross-departmental collaboration

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Over 500 companies have driven innovation through our virtual hackathon platform

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We are industry-leading hackathon organizers

As a pioneer of conducting external and internal virtual hackathons to drive business impact,
HackerEarth has years of experience in hosting and managing hackathons at scale

Dedicated process management team

Dedicated process management team

Design support

Creative and design support

Organic event promotion

Organic event promotion

Evaluation and analysis support

Evaluation and analysis support

Our online hackathons let you go hands-off

All our online hackathons and hiring challenges are fully curated, managed services. To put it simply, you get the engagement you need, without any bandwidth drain.

HackerEarth hackathons are built for virtual

Our platform enables easy management of coding hackathons or hiring challenges from anywhere in the world

Team creation and collaboration

Team creation and collaboration

End-to-end process management

End-to-end process management

Shortlisting of ideas

of ideas

Evaluation of project submissions

Evaluation of project submissions

7.6 Million+ Developers

7.6 Million+

450+ Global Universities

Global Universities

133 Countries


Code Submissions

100 Million+
Code Submissions

Access a community of 7.6 million developers

Working with HackerEarth means working with one of the largest communities of qualified developers out there.

Organizing a successful hackathon

The complete guide to organizing and hosting a hackathon

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Increase engagement and foster innovation
with HackerEarth's online hackathon platform

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