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How Xiaomi engaged 8,450 developers from India’s top 100 universities

The back story

Founded in April 2010, Xiaomi is a leading global consumer electronics company, with a strong market presence in over 100 countries. The company ranks 3rd in market share in terms of smartphone shipments globally, and has established itself as the world’s leading consumer AIoT (AI+IoT) platform. The company has also established the world’s leading consumer AIoT (AI+IoT) platform, reaching 558 million smart devices connected to its platform (excluding smartphones, laptops and tablets) as of September 30, 2022.

In India, Xiaomi is an iconic consumer electronics brand, and has been the Number 1 smartphone player since Q3 2017, as well as the Number 1 Smart TV brand since Q2 2018. Xiaomi has constantly endeavored to pave the way towards its vision to “Make friends with users and be the coolest company in the users’ hearts”, by making cutting edge technology accessible to the masses and enabling everyone in the world to enjoy a better life through innovative technology.

In line with its vision, Xiaomi wanted to shine the spotlight on India’s best student developers from the top 100 engineering colleges and create a space to cause real business impact, explore new technologies, meet interesting people, and learn new skills.


Enter: Ode2Code 2.0!

In collaboration with HackerEarth, Xiaomi kicked off the Ode2Code 2.0 hackathon on the 14th of July, 2022 and 8,450 developers from across India’s top 100 universities worked to create a state-of-the art billing app to enhance the Point of Sale (POS) experience for both store operators and customers.

The hackathon was also punctuated with an AMA session titled ‘Connect with Xiaomi’’ hosted by Xiaomi on the 8th of September, 2022 when the final 272 shortlisted participants interacted with Gowtham Kumar, Technical Lead at Xiaomi India.

Connect with Xiaomi - AMA hosted by Gowtham Kumar

Suffice it to say, the hackathon provided a platform where Xiaomi were able to not only leverage the collective strength of 8,450 participants, but also engage with the community through engaging discussions and mentorship.

Our experience with Ode2Code 2.0 was great. What we really appreciated about the experience is HackerEarth’s flexibility for customization. The entire program and platform was customized on the basis of our requirement.

Amrita Chattaraj
HR Specialist
Xiaomi India

Amrita Chattaraj

The roadmap

From the event being kicked off to the winners being announced, the Ode2Code Hackathon ran for a little over 2 months. Here’s a look at the timeline of events at the hackathon:

timeline updated (1)

The Impact

Impact metrics of Xiaomi Ode2Code 2.0

Winning Solutions

After 2 months, the jury from Xiaomi were left with the rather difficult task of picking 3 worthy winners. Following much deliberation, the winning prototypes were selected on the 7th of November, 2022.

winner updated

Alongside the cash prizes, the top 2 teams received Redmi laptops, the top 25 teams won goodies worth Rs. 80,000.

With Ode2Code 2.0, Xiaomi India gave thousands of deserving Indian developers an opportunity to cause real business impact and to showcase their talent on a grand stage. In doing so, they lived up to their motto of being the coolest company in users’ hearts.

We have partnered with HackerEarth for over 2 years and it has one of the strongest pools of engineering talent in the country. Its tie-up with top universities has helped strengthen Xiaomi’s visibility among college graduates. Looking back, we seamlessly conducted a hackathon for 8,450 candidates across India, and team HackerEarth met all our expectations and delivered as per agreed timelines. It was an excellent achievement and a good experience for all stakeholders.

Deepti Thakur
Campus Engagement,
Xiaomi India

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