Accurate skill-based assessments for
identifying top developers

Create Assessments

Create assessments compatible
for different skills

HackerEarth’s platform allows you to create
automated assessments to test candidates
accurately on multiple skills. In addition to the
auto-generated tests, you can build your own
custom assessments.

Assess Candidates

Assess candidates more
extensively using the question

Choose from over 10k prebuilt questions (across
500+ skills), 11 prebuilt question types (ranging
from multiple choice to data science questions),
to test candidates more exhaustively on their
programming and logical skills.

Change settings

Customize test settings to suit
your screening requirements

HackerEarth’s test settings allows you to change
the duration of the test, cut off score or language
of the test. You can also modify the proctoring
settings, candidate settings and report settings.

Scale processes

Scale your screening process
by inviting multiple candidates

Publish your test and invite candidates via email.
Set a test expiry date to inform candidates about
how soon they need to take the test, before the
invite lapses. Track the email status to know who
has opened your email, and send auto reminders
to ensure that they don’t miss taking the

Identify top tech talent with accurate
skill-based assessments