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Evaluate candidates for multiple roles across all levels

Create coding assessments and invite hundreds of candidates with just a few clicks

Evaluate the coding skills of experienced developers and university talent across 35+ programming languages

Collaborate effectively with hiring managers

Involve hiring managers and other stakeholders in every stage of the recruitment process

Let hiring managers choose from a library of 10K+ questions or create a custom test best suited for the role

Hiring Manager Collaboration
Video Interview Software Video Interview Software

Invite candidates for remote interviews

Set up remote pair programming interviews for shortlisted candidates with just a few clicks

Connect with each stakeholder, document and evaluate a candidate's performance in the video interview

Track, measure, and analyze your hiring success rate

Watch your hiring funnel evolve and seamlessly track everything, from the number of candidates invited to the final number of shortlists

Get a comprehensive view of test-takers' performance and find actionable insights to improve the quality of your screening process

Hiring Success Rate
ATS Integrations

Streamline hiring with seamless ATS integrations

Effortlessly integrate with an ATS provider of your choice and simplify your hiring process

Do everything, from setting up assessments for candidates to collecting feedback from the hiring team in one go

Accurately assess coding skills and identify top tech talent