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Skill assessments in the age of ChatGPT
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Drive quality assessments using proctoring

Disable ‘copy and paste’ and curb plagiarism

HackerEarth Assessments ensures that candidate’s cannot copy code from another location and paste it into the HackerEarth IDE. It is also impossible to copy questions asked to them and share it elsewhere.

Prevent impersonation using candidate snapshots

HackerEarth takes 2 snapshots at random intervals every minute and processes these images using facial recognition to report instances of a candidate not being in the frame, other people being in the frame or even impersonation.

Prevent impersonation

Establish a controlled test environment using tab switching

The test environment is in full-screen and is designed to prevent candidates from switching the tab. Every tab switch triggers a warning and candidates can be automatically logged out after 5 tab switches.

Know your candidate’s location by restricting the IP address

HackerEarth Assessments can be made to restrict IP addresses based on location. This feature is especially useful during campus recruitment drives or invites a candidate to take the test from a specific location.

Stop candidates from using
unfair means