Drive quality assessments using

Disable Copy-paste

Disable ‘copy and paste’ and
curb plagiarism

HackerEarth assessments have a feature to disable
candidates from copying code from the Web or
another local computer and pasting it on the code
editor. In addition, the platform also disallows
candidates from copying problem statements from
the question library and sharing it on the web.

Prevent Impersonation

Prevent impersonation using
candidate snapshots

Using the candidate’s webcam, the HackerEarth
platform takes regular snapshots of the candidate
during a test. A thumbnail preview of the webcam
is displayed on the bottom right of the screen to
indicate that candidates are being monitored.

Powered by image processing and facial
recognition capabilities, this feature can detect if
the candidate is missing from the recording
frame, if there are others (in addition to the
candidate) present in the frame, or if another
user is trying to impersonate the candidate
while taking the assessment.

Stop Tab Switching

Establish a controlled test environment using tab switching

HackerEarth’s platform issues a warning each time a candidate tries to leave the test environment, and
this is measured by the number of tab switches made by the candidate. If a candidate makes more than
5 tab switches, they are automatically logged out of the test environment.

Enable Full-screen mode

Provide a focused test experience
using full-screen mode

Using the HackerEarth platform, you can enable
the full screen mode for candidates taking a test.
Candidates get a warning, if they try exiting the
full screen mode.

Know a Candidate’s Location

Know your candidate’s location
by restricting the IP address

HackerEarth also has a feature to restrict IP
addresses based on location. With this feature,
a warning is displayed if the candidate tries to log
in from an IP that is outside the restricted range.
This feature is useful when an organization
participates in a campus recruitment drive or
invites a candidate to take the test from a
specific location.

Stop candidates from using
unfair means