Scale assessments using a secure and
robust platform

Guaranteed Uptime

Guaranteed uptime with high

HackerEarth assessments provide an uptime of
99.95% making it highly scalable and robust. This
ensures that multiple candidates can log in to take
the test simultaneously without any hassle.

Single sign-on

Simpler, faster access using

You can log into HackerEarth with a single set of
credentials and gain access to the assessments
platform as well, without the hassle of maintaining
different sets of usernames and passwords
for each.

Role management

Manage tech hiring needs for different teams

Add or delete new admins, modify admin permissions or roles and manage screening needs for
multiple teams on the same platform

Data security

Secure your data

The HackerEarth platform is GDPR compliant with
all the data security and encryption in place.

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Improved workflows

Add more workflows with

HackerEarth assessments offers a set of powerful
helping you integrate or customize the
HackerEarth platform seamlessly.

Scale your tech hiring efforts without
any hassles