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Ease of use

Spend the least amount of time
creating the most in-depth assessments

The HackerEarth platform makes it easy for both enterprises and candidates.

Automated test creation

Automated test

80+ dev skills assessed

80+ dev skills

Branded testing experience

Branded testing

Effortless test creation

We enable you to easily create tests by uploading the job description.

Test over 80+ dev skills, including support for totally customizable full-stack assessments.

Brand the test and invite with your company’s identity.

Delightful testing process

AI-powered proctoring prevents malpractice and plagiarism.

We offer dev-friendly IDEs and a practice round to help candidates get acclimatized to our platform.

We support upto 5 native languages.

AI-backed proctoring


Support for 5 native languages

Support for 5
native languages

Dev-friendly testing experience

testing experience

Permanent storage of recordings and transcripts

Permanent storage
of recordings and

Personalized metrics and benchmarks

Personalized metrics
and benchmarks

Bias-free reports


Insightful reporting

We generate and permanently store insightful recordings and transcripts.

Our reports offer personalized metrics and benchmark the candidate against the entire candidate pool or community.

We give you easy access to completely bias-free reports at the click of a button.

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