In-depth analytics for improved
screening and better hiring

Candidate Analytics

Once the candidates have completed your test, it’s now time to identify the best performers from the pool.
With Candidate Analytics, you can easily derive in-depth insights about a candidate’s performance and make
informed hiring decisions.

Identify top performers at a glance

After candidates have taken an assessment, you can compare the overall performance of candidates by viewing
their scores. Filter candidates based on their experience or on factors such as total score, time taken to finish a
test or choice of programming language.

Analyze a candidate’s logical skills using Codeplayer

The Codeplayer feature records every keystroke typed by the candidate and replays it as a video. This can help you
analyze a candidate’s logical and programming skills in detail and even use it to jump-start your interview conversation.

Question Analytics

Add accuracy to your assessments using
question-based analytics

Analyze the questions from the question library and decide
if they need to be included in your assessment. Based on
the health score index, you can view details including

  • The number of candidates who have correctly
    attempted the question
  • Choice of the programming language used by them
  • Number of candidates who’ve attempted the
    question over the past year
  • Overview of the marks scored by candidates
    who’ve attempted the question

Test Analytics

Measure the effectiveness of your assessment using test analytics

Use the hiring funnel graph to measure the screening
ratio of your assessment (number of candidates who’ve
been screened from the pool of candidates who’ve taken
the assessment). View candidate distribution based on
the test scores and test completion time to measure the
difficulty level of the assessment.

Share & Collaborate

Make data-driven decisions as
a team

Be it reports on candidate performance or a detailed analysis of the question library, or the assessment process itself, you can share these insights with your team. Collaborate online, by sharing the report link as a URL via chat or email to discuss further. You can also download a report as a PDF to take the discussion offline.

Thoroughly evaluate tech hires with
in-depth analytics