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In-depth analytics for improved screening and better hiring

Identify top performers at a glance

Easily pick candidates above a certain percentile and screen them further, based on more granular factors such as work experience, total score or time taken to finish a test.

Analyze a candidate’s logical skills using Codeplayer

Codeplayer records every keystroke that the candidate makes and replays it as a video, with indicators for successful or unsuccessful compilations. This helps analyze a candidate’s logical and programming skills, and can even be used to jump-start your interview conversation.

Add accuracy to your assessments using question-based analytics

HackerEarth provides a health score index with each question to help you pick questions that meet your criteria. The health score is based on parameters like degree of difficulty, choice of the programming language used, number of attempts over the past year and so on.

Measure the effectiveness of your assessment using test analytics

Measure the difficulty level of the assessment using the hiring funnel chart by identifying metrics such as the percentage of candidates that make it through, test completion time and candidate distribution based on test scores.

Make data-driven decisions as a team

HackerEarth makes it simple to collaborate on the hiring process by ensuring you can easily share any information on the assessment process, such as candidate performance and difficulty of the assessment, with the team.

Thoroughly evaluate tech hires with
in-depth analytics