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Screen top developers with HackerEarth's coding assessment platform

Our coding tests generate a leaderboard after every assessment, allowing recruiters and hiring managers to screen the very best developers with ease

Coding Assessment Test - Objectively assess developers with ease

Create coding assessments and tests


Upload a job description and create a coding test for interviews, in minutes

Create Coding Assessment - HackerEarth
Evaluate developers


Accurately evaluate developers with our library of 17,000 questions

Evaluate Coding Assessment of Developers - HackerEarth
Shortlist developers


Find top developers with the automatically generated leaderboard after every coding test

Shortlist Top Developers with Coding Assessment Platform - HackerEarth
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Why HackerEarth's online coding screening platform? - We're extremely skilled at developer skill assessment

Create Coding Assessment Questions - HackerEarth

17,000+ questions across 900+ skills at your disposal

Thanks to a rich library of questions, HackerEarth Assessments enable you to create highly accurate coding assessments with minimal technical know-how. You can also create custom questions for any software development assessment test.

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Project type questions to simulate on-the-job problems

Every hiring manager’s needs are different - which is why our coding assessment platform gives you the ability to ask 15 different types of questions, including project type questions, complete with custom data sets and test cases.

Create Project Type Coding Tests Questions - HackerEarth
Automated invigilation with Coding Assessment Platform - HackerEarth

Automated invigilation with robust proctoring

HackerEarth Assessments eliminate impersonation with powerful image processing. The coding assessments also report tab switching, prevent copy-pasting code, and give you the ability to customize the stringency of proctoring, making sure that your assessments are completely fair.

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An experience that hiring managers like and developers love

With the ability to code in upto 40+ programming languages, a real time code editor and integration with Jupyter Notebooks, HackerEarth Assessments is highly dev-friendly.

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Coding assessments loved by developers Coding assessments loved by developers
University hiring solutions

We’re experienced at helping companies hire across experience levels

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Detailed reports on each candidate’s performance

With insight-rich reports on a developer’s performance and the code replay feature, HackerEarth lets you get a deeper insight into a candidate’s capabilities.

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Detailed Performance Report with Coding Assessment - HackerEarth
Data-driven insights with Coding Assessment Platform- HackerEarth

Data-driven insights to help finetune the hiring funnel

The HackerEarth Assessments dashboard gives you a deeper analysis of your hiring funnel, enabling you to constantly improve your coding tests and create an industry-leading hiring process.

A coding assessment platform that is built for enterprises and loved by everyone

HackerEarth offers industry-leading compliance, security and scalability, so you can build a tech team with no worries, regardless of the size of your organization.

ISO 2013


ISMS 2015






99.99% Uptime

99.99% Uptime

We're better than every alternative online code assessment platform

Features HE Logo HackerRank Codility Mercer Mettl
AI-powered proctoring Supports No Support No Support Support
Automated test creation by job description Supports No Support No Support No Support
Masking personally identifiable information in video interviews Supports No Support No Support No Support
Automated test creation by skill Supports No Support Support No Support
Support for international languages Supports No Support Support Support
No. of questions in the library 17000 2500+ 500+ 100000+
Developer skills supported 80+ NA NA 600+

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Frequently asked questions

In a competitive field of code testing platforms, HackerEarth stands out with its diverse range of assessments, advanced IDE, and strong AI-driven auto-evaluation and benchmarking features. It supports specialized data science challenges and integrates well with ATS systems, providing comprehensive plagiarism detection tools.

Our platform offers tiered subscription pricing, user-friendly interface, and robust 24*7 customer support, making it a strong contender based on specific hiring needs and assessment customization requirements.

HackerEarth's coding assessments support a wide range of programming languages, with over 40+ options available. This allows you to tailor your assessments to the specific skills required for the position you're hiring for.

Yes, HackerEarth integrates with many popular Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to streamline your workflow. This allows you to seamlessly transfer candidate information and assessment results between platforms, saving you time and effort.

HackerEarth allows you to customize the difficulty level of your coding assessments in several ways. You can choose from a library of pre-built questions with varying difficulty levels, or create your own custom questions with specific difficulty parameters. Additionally, you can set the time limit for each assessment to further tailor the challenge to the experience level you're seeking.

HackerEarth implements a variety of security measures to ensure the integrity of your assessments. These include:

  • Automated invigilation with features like facial recognition and detection of suspicious activity.

  • Restrictions on copying and pasting code.

  • Real-time code monitoring to flag potential cheating attempts.

  • The ability to customize the proctoring settings to fit your specific needs.

  • Smart Browser application that prevents candidates from accessing the test within a virtual machine, running other applications, or sharing the screen, thus ensuring reliable assessments every time.

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