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How Amazon quickly and accurately assessed over 60,000 developers for multiple job roles

About Amazon

Amazon is one the leading players in the competitive e-commerce marketplace in India. Naturally, the need to scale and disrupt is paramount for the retail giant. With rapid expansion comes the challenge of building large teams with superior skills quickly. When Amazon’s existing assessment tool did not support its requirements of fast expansion and hiring, the company started looking for a tool that would:

  • Allow them to scale the hiring process across the country
  • Provide reliable customer service to handle unforeseen technical challenges
  • Enable multiple recruiters at different locations to conduct simultaneous hiring drives


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What's Amazon's story?

Amazon launched its Indian operations in 2013. In just three years, Amazon expanded operations to offer over 80 million products across hundreds of categories. Teams at Amazon(India) work on complex business challenges to innovate and create efficient solutions that enable various Amazon businesses.


Amazon has a reputation of hiring the brightest minds. To keep pace with its rapidly expanding Indian operations, Amazon wanted a technical skill-assessment platform, which would allow them to scale its hiring drives across cities while maintaining the standard and quality of each hire.


  • Scale automated skill evaluation for 1000+ candidates simultaneously
  • Best-in-class proctoring mechanisms to ensure fair assessments
  • Conduct multiple recruitment drives parallely for various locations
  • Reduce manual effort and time

Off-the-rack solution

Amazon’s product of choice was HackerEarth Recruit. HackerEarth provided Amazon with a plan that was tailored to its requirements.

Multiple admin access

HackerEarth Recruit provided Amazon with a feature that allowed them to have multiple administrators who could conduct multiple recruitment drives simultaneously from different cities for various roles and functions.

Support for unforeseen challenges

When the issue of poor Internet connectivity posed a challenge for Amazon at remote locations such as Mandi(Himachal Pradesh) and Bhopal(Madhya Pradesh), we came up with a solution by optimizing the product that   

  • Allowed candidates to continue writing code offline

Impeccable service

With a dedicated account manager and product specialist on call 24/7, the transition from the existing system to HackerEarth Recruit was seamless.


Amazon successfully conducted hiring drives for various positions, functions, and locations through lateral and campus hiring.

In 3 years...

hiring drives


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HackerEarth Assessments enables you to assess candidates technically in various domains for quick and effective hiring.

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