Build great engineering teams
through continuous assessments

HackerEarth’s Learning and Development assessment tool enables you to easily run
detailed employee skills assessments. As a result, you can effortlessly benchmark
your tech team’s performance and track their growth.

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Benchmark your tech talent in
three simple steps

Thanks to our learning and development tool, it is easier than ever to assess employee skills, identify skill gaps and chart a learning path.

Identify Skill Gaps

Skill Gaps

Identify skill gaps by assessing employee skills on our online assessment platform

Suggest Learning Paths

Learning Paths

Plug the data into your LMS system to generate learning pathways

Benchmark Talent


Re-evaluate skills after course completion to quantify skill progression

The most advanced skill assessment software out there

Our learning and development assessment tool is backed by
the same evaluation engine behind HackerEarth Assessments, meaning
your employee skills assessments are as accurate as it gets.

Evaluate Developer Talent with Assessing Employee Skills Tool - HackerEarth

Objectively evaluate developer talent

Continuously run employee skills assessments across 41+ programming languages and 900+ skills, on the most advanced assessment platform out there.

Analyse progress with insight-rich reports

One of the reasons why our platform is one of the most powerful growth and development assessment tools out there is the incredible reporting offered by our platform.

Insight Rich Reports with Employee Skills Assessment - HackerEarth

Built for enterprises, loved by everyone

We support you in your pursuit of data security and unbiased assessments.

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99.99% Uptime

99.99% Uptime

Find the use-case that work for you

Our learning and development assessment tool is robust enough to be used
for multiple use cases. Find the one that matches your needs.

Skill Evaluation


Objectively assess employee skills during appraisals

Learning and Development

Learning and

Create tailored, self-guided learning pathways for employees and assess their effectiveness

Employee Engagement


Keep your current workforce engaged through a combination of assessments and hackathons

Competency Mapping


Get detailed analysis of your company’s current skill matrix and also uncover ROI of your training programs

Accurately assess coding skills
and identify top tech talent

Sign up to the most in-depth coding assessment tool out there.

Make a lasting impact

Our learning and development platform is a choice that will reap dividends for years to come.

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