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Practical Machine Learning Project in Python on House Prices Data


For freshers, projects are the best way of showcasing their data science knowledge. In fact, not just freshers, up to mid-level experienced professionals can ... more

Winning Tips on Machine Learning Competitions by Kazanova, Current Kaggle #3


Machine Learning is tricky. No matter how many books you read, tutorials you finish or problems you solve, there will always be a data ... more

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July Easy '17

Sponsored By: Follow Honeywell for all the latest updates. You can use IBM Bluemix and Watson ... more

Date: 01 Jul 2017, 04:30 PM UTC


From the wheel to hyperloop, innovations have sparked many revolutions. In the 21st century, onl... more

Date: 07 Jul 2017, 11:30 AM UTC

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Software Developer

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I was just a guy who loved programming and had a dream to come to Bangalore to work. And I never thought it would be that easy. I wrote a test on HackerEarth, performed well and got a job with InMobi just like that. HackerEarth is awesome!
~ Akashdeep Nain

It is great for people like me from tier two and tier three colleges. There are many people who are talented and brilliant from these colleges but can’t be spotted because of the college. HackerEarth is the only platform for people like them.
~ Sarunathan

HackerEarth provided me the platform that my college couldn't give. It has given me the opportunity to get a job in a company like Druva. If not for HackerEarth, getting a job like this from a third tier college would be very difficult.
~ Sudhakara Rao Kanapata

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