Refine talent management with our Assessment suite

Building a tech team requires an intricate interplay between internal Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, and the Engineering teams. Our product suite helps you navigate the developer hiring lifecycle effortlessly.

Tech Assessments

Screen and benchmark talent
based on skills

Ditch the GPA, embrace the code. Create job-relevant coding assessment tests with HackerEarth Assessments. Eliminate human bias with our AI-powered test evaluation and skill benchmarking, reduce acquisition effort, and screen the best tech talent for your hiring pipeline.

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Coding Interviews

Collaborative platform with
data-rich insights

Unstructured developer interviews are so 2023! HackerEarth elevates developer experience with its built-in IDE, custom question library, interview rubrics, and integrated feedback mechanism. It's time to look beyond the inverted binary tree!

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Learning and Development

Empower growth through
tailored learning

Learning programs without measurable outcomes have no defined ROI or effectiveness. Help developers build hands-on skills through experiential learning. HackerEarth lets you apply learning to real-world tasks and create transparent upskilling journeys for your team.

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Your talent pipeline, powered by skills

A bad hire can derail months of product development. Cut out the guesswork in tech hiring with powerful data-driven insights. When it comes to good developers, only skills matter!

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HackerEarth: Your talent pipeline, powered by skills.

Unlock creativity and code: Experience Hackathon excellence

A hackathon is to a developer what a laboratory is to a scientist-an experimental playground where breakthroughs are made. Add to your talent pipeline, improve product innovation, and ignite meaningful dialogues with our end-to-end managed hackathons.

Branded Hackathons

Ignite innovation, improve
brand recall

Build a global talent pool of seasoned developers with our turnkey hiring challenges. Target specific skills and find the perfect fit for your team. Improve your employer brand by getting in front of our 10M+ strong community. Get direct access sets wrong expectation.

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Internal Hackathons

Cultivate and reward creativity
within your team

Spark innovation. Foster collaboration. Leverage the power of Open Innovation. Drive creative ideation, solve business problems and drive product adoption through our end-to-end managed hackathons.

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Hiring Challenges

Uncover top talent through
competitive challenges

Unearth hidden potential and discover internal talent ready for new challenges, with our Internal Hackathons. Recognize and reward the dreamers in your tech team, and encourage creative thinking and skill development.

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HackerEarth as your Hackathon partner

No matter your goal, HackerEarth has the perfect hackathon solution. We take care of the entire logistics of hosting an event, while you focus on the skills that matter.

Challenge design and development

Challenge design
and development

Marketing and promotion

and promotion

Platforn management


Data and insights

and insights

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Hey there, developer!

Hey there, developer!

Join our global community. Prep for tech interviews and upskill yourself. Get access to coveted tech jobs through
and collaborate to build the future of tech in our hackathons.

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Use our practice platform to hone your coding skills and light up the leaderboard!

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Need help with an interview? These developer-friendly resources will help you land that dream job!

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Participate in hackathons and hiring challenges to showcase your coding skills and to win cool prizes.

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Loved by 20,000+ global tech recruiting leaders.

Dillon Provost

We use FaceCode to assess developers in real-time using actual tasks which they would perform day-to-day.

Jeff Sterniak
Senior Autonomy Engineering Manager at May Mobility
May Mobility

Naveen K Konda

The ease with which a recruiter can create a test on HackerEarth and assess a candidate on a vast skill-set is simply amazing. The analytics that the platform provides gives an accurate measure of the candidate performance, which helps in hiring top-quality talent.

Naveen K Konda
Talent Acquisition Head at Ellucian

Ali Ghasemkhani

By using HackerEarth Assessments, we are giving our candidates an equal opportunity to prove their technical knowledge and skills, making the recruiting process fairer.

Ali Ghasemkhani
HR Director at Snapp!

Skills first. Talent, always.

The future of hiring is skill-based. We are committed to leading the change. Are you?

HackerEarth is built for engineering teams, by an engineering team that hates a broken tech process and the inherent biases.