Guide to writing a G2 Review of HackerEarth Assessments

G2 is a key part of any buying decision that a business takes. It puts together authentic reviews from the users of a platform, and advanced analytics to present a clear and objective comparison between multiple products. 

Naturally, a word about us from you would mean a great deal. However, we can understand if it might seem like a bit of a task to leave behind a review, so we want to help!

So, here’s a simple step-by-step guide to filling in a review for HackerEarth Assessments on G2:

Step 1:

Visit the HackerEarth Assessments page on G2

Head over to the G2 website and look for HackerEarth Assessments, or simply, click this link.

Scroll to the reviews section and click on “Write a review”

Step 2:

Sign in to G2

Click on “Continue to login”

Upon clicking the ‘Continue to Login’ button, you will be presented with two methods of logging in:

1. Using your LinkedIn account (This is the easiest way to login)

2. Using your business e-mail.

Step 3:

Write your review

There are multiple sections, be sure to fill all the ‘required’ fields

If you use HackerEarth Assessments to conduct coding tests and to shortlist candidates, choose the ‘Technical Skills Screening’ as the answer to the question: For which purposes do you use HackerEarth Assessments.

If you use HackerEarth Assessments to conduct coding interviews on FaceCode, choose Video Interviewing.

If you use HackerEarth Assessments to both conduct coding tests and interview developers, choose both options.

Towards the end of the questionnaire, you will be asked to upload a screenshot that shows that you have logged in to Hackerearth. To do this, simply log into HackerEarth and take a screenshot by clicking the Print Screen button on Windows, or press Command + Shift + 3 on Mac.

While this step might seem unnecessary, it is in fact extremely important because on G2, the authenticity of each review matters a great deal. So, please do not skip this step.

Step 4:

Grade your experience

The next, and last, section is a series of questions about each feature of HackerEarth Assessments that lets you grade your experience on a scale of 1 to 10, but once you’re done with this section, your review is complete!

Following this, the G2 moderation team will go over your inputs and publish the review in a few short days.


Yes, one of the factors that go into grading each review on G2 is authenticity of the reviewer, and so, G2 needs for you to log in to ensure the authenticity of your review.

Yes, you can! Make sure you choose the ‘No’ option for the question: ‘Allow my review to show my name and face in the G2 community.’

Almost. You need to fill in all the required questions, which can be identified with the red asterisk (*)