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The CHRO Diaries:

The Secret to
Hiring World-Class
Tech Talent

Chapter: Executive Summary

Today’s data-driven recruitment aims at building an optimized future of recruitment that can both recruit a skilled tech workforce and build an employer’s brand. The cost of hiring, onboarding, and upskilling a new employee along with the dwindling size of the tech workforce has forced recruiters to look beyond conventional hiring practices.

In today’s competitive hiring market, investing in a viable technical recruiting tool that can help in strategizing all stages of your hiring is of paramount importance. Even more essential is finding the right technical recruitment partner that can empathize with your company’s needs and help you build a qualified workforce without stretching your budget or time.

Technical Recruitment in 2023

Tech recruiting in 2023 is all about finding talent in the right place at the right time. Gone are the days of relying on job boards and waiting for candidates to apply to open positions. Recruiting is as much about building a brand that attracts new prospects as it is about lowering turnover rates.

Creating an elastic hiring process that can withstand the rapidly changing economic landscape and retain talented employees is another focus area.

As the demand for tech roles rises, more and more recruiters find that giving potential applicants real-world problems to solve and judging them based on their talent and not their background leads to discovering much better prospects.

Nearly 80% of talent professionals ranked diversity hiring as the most important 2023 trend in the recruiting industry (Forbes).

Employers are turning to data-driven recruiting to eliminate bias in hiring decisions and increase the overall quality of hires. Early adopters of AI recruiting software have seen a 75% reduction in cost per screen and a 35% decrease in turnover rate (Source).


Scope of Work

It costs about $30,000 to hire a developer and hours to source, screen, interview, and hire a candidate (Source). And these steps need to be taken before the top candidates are off the job market. HackerEarth helps you effortlessly hire the best developers thanks to a powerful suite of virtual recruiting tools that help identify, assess, interview, and engage developers.

Intent to job change


Create conversations around your brand and market your Hackathons for maximum outreach. Let us help you find qualified developers with industry-leading Hackathons.


Technical Assessments

Identify the right candidates for the job by giving them programming assessments that simulate actual on-the-job tasks and shortlist only those candidates that meet your expectations


Remote Interviewing

With FaceCode, an interviewer need not ever change tabs, and a candidate has all the tools required to focus on writing code at their disposal. Easily set up, invite and conduct coding interviews.


Upskill and Engage

HackerEarth’s L&D assessment tool can help effortlessly benchmark your tech team’s performance and track their growth, while our internal hackathons are fully curated, managed services aimed at fostering innovation.


Strategic Value

Being a candidates’ market, at any given time, there might be several open positions in an Engineering team. These positions need to be filled before the top candidates are off the job market. HackerEarth helps in cutting down the time to hire by about half and also ensures that TA teams don’t miss out on potential candidates who might be a right fit for their company.


Skill-based assessments go one step beyond resumes, marks, and references. Those alone do not give insights into the true potential of a candidate. HackerEarth also warrants inclusive hiring with insight-rich reports and a leaderboard after every assessment.

Another key but often overlooked value of a hiring process is that great candidate experience goes hand in hand with a strong employer brand. Many job seekers rely on employer review sites and any negative experiences on Glassdoor may hurt you. Well-positioned companies can win the race for talent with a candidate-friendly recruitment process.



More than 4,000 companies across the globe use HackerEarth to improve the quality of their engineering hires and reduce the time spent by recruiters on screening candidates. HackerEarth offers features that allow recruiters and hiring managers to screen the very best developers with ease.


What makes HackerEarth a brand of choice for technical recruitment, upskilling and developer engagement?

You can attract top developers from all over the globe or from HackerEarth’s thriving community of 7M+ developers with branded hackathons.

HackerEarth boasts of a growing library of 17,000+ questions in 15+ question types ranging from multiple choice to project type and data science questions or you can create custom questions. And the best part, we constantly work to filter out leaked questions.

You can create a test in under 5 mins based on the role or just upload the job description.

Leverage AI-based plagiarism and proctoring controls to prevent candidates from using unfair means during the test.

Evaluate candidate skills in real-time with a robust IDE that supports 40+ programming languages and diagram questions.

Get detailed interview reports with audio transcription, interview highlights, and code playback to understand the candidate’s approach to the problem.

Upskill your engineering team with continuous assessments and get a detailed analysis of your company’s current skill matrix and also uncover the ROI of your training programs.

You can source innovation and solve customer challenges by conducting engaging internal hackathons.


Here’s What Our
Customers Say

Every company’s hiring needs are different. Providing proactive support and implementing tailored solutions ensures that every brand experiences success when working with HackerEarth Assessments


Let’s look at how top brands have built stronger tech teams and engaged with developers thanks to HackerEarth.

Steps adopted by leading enterprises to hire better developers faster:

Need a sophisticated and easy-to-use platform to scale and assess a large pool of candidates

HackerEarth Assessments as a Solution

End-to-end management and world-class support for lateral and campus hiring

98% reduction in human hours spent on screening

Are you trying out a technical assessment platform for the very first time?

1.Effortlessly create branded assessments capable of testing 900+ skills

2.Eliminate multiple rounds of interviews and screen candidates accurately

3.Get access to a constantly growing library of 17,000 questions with leaked question filtering

Steps adopted by leading enterprises to source better and drive innovation:

Build a branding exercise through Hackathon and turn innovative ideas into technology prototypes

HackerEarth Managed Hackathon as a Solution

Fully curated and managed services delivered best-in-class engagement without any bandwidth drain.

Think a branded Hackathon is the right choice for your organization but are worried about the effort?

1.One of the pioneers in the tech recruiting space, HackerEarth has the unmatched expertise of having conducted more than 4000+ hackathons

2.HackerEarth-managed Hackathons ensure that you run industry-leading hackathons with minimal bandwidth drain

3.Get access to a global community of 7 million qualified developers and reach new audiences. Sourcing candidates cannot get easier than this!


Planning to scale up your
campus recruitments?

Handling large scale drives at universities is no easy task. Who better to help you than the experts in campus recruitment solutions? With HackerEarth, you can assess the job-readiness of candidates in a few minutes.


Here’s how we can make campus recruitment a smooth sailing for you:

1.Simulate an on-the-job coding environment thanks to a library of 17,000+ questions and a dev-friendly user experience

2.Accurately assess candidates with best-in-class proctoring features such as elimination of impersonation, tab-switching and copy-pasting, candidate snapshot, and fullscreen mode

3.Eliminate dependency on resumes and shortlist candidates with ease based on your requirements


Impressed with
the platform?

Whether you are switching from another platform or adopting a technical screening platform for the first time, it is a decision that requires considerable thought. Wondering how to convince your boss to move to HackerEarth?


Don’t worry. We got you covered

Are you moving from another technical assessment platform to HackerEarth?

1.Our dedicated CSM team ensures that you have a smooth and seamless transition

2.Seamless ATS integrations and quick turnaround times for new integrations ensure there ‘’is no disruption of your tech recruiting workflow

3.We empathize with your company’s needs and can build a tailor-made solution as per your requirements