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A Checklist For Writing Job Postings That Actually Work

Job postings are the first real impression that prospective candidates have of your company. Do you want your posting to look and read like everyone else’s out there? Posting a generic ad on a job board and praying it gets to the right people is akin to sending a message in a bottle – you can only hope it gets to the right people, if at all.

So, instead of hoping, why don’t you take matters into your own hands, start curating job postings that actually work, and watch as applications from the right people begin to pour in?

This checklist answers difficult questions like –

  • How to do things differently while writing job postings
  • How can they be bias-free
  • How can they be better and stand out from the crowd?

Go on then recruiters – get your copy of the checklist, and make it count!