Case Study

Ezetap leverages HackerEarth to accurately assess candidate competencies

About Ezetap

The mission of Ezetap, a SaaS-based mobile payment solutions company, is simple – ushering India from a cash-based, opaque economy to an era of frictionless digital payment ecosystem. The company is already helping thousands of brick-and-mortar retailers, enterprises, e-commerce players, and financial inclusion organizations, transform their businesses.

It enables businesses to accept payments via any digital instrument (cards, wallets, payment apps, etc.) through a single interface. It is a full stack company having end-to-end capabilities to handle digital payment processing, right from switching to reconciliation, using its hardware and software.

Ezetap has been ranked twice in a row by CNBC in the Global Top 50 Disruptor List and was the first to introduce mobile POS SDK for enterprise companies in India.

It is headquartered in India and also has operations in the Middle East, with over 200 employees globally.

Challenge: The need for fast, proactive recruitment

The secret to Ezetap’s success has always been its team of talented employees. The high performing, collaborative, and competitive work culture at the company fosters a sense of entrepreneurship to deliver excellence.

It can be surprising to hear that companies like Ezetap ever face recruitment challenges, but it happens. Initially, Ezetap depended on job portals, social media, hiring partners, internal referrals, and campus hires to source their talent pool.

However, finding the right talent within a specific time period proved to be a challenge for the organization. Also, given the competitive job market, the company wanted a more proactive solution to hire developer candidates faster.

At Ezetap, talent is the core to the company’s success. Our people play a significant role in the success of the organization. However, finding the right fit within a tight deadline is not always easy, and timing is very important. So, onboarding talent in a short span does become a challenge.

Another challenge faced by the organization was eliminating biases while hiring. Hiring the best fit for a role is one of the most important aspects of any business, and it isn’t very easy.

In most cases, even while CEOs and HR managers implement and adopt programs that they believe to be bias-free, they still fall short of addressing unconscious biases.

Solution: Dependable, long-term recruitment tool - HackerEarth

HackerEarth is a great product. At Ezetap, identifying like minded, talented engineers is the key to our success and HackerEarth helps us do that. It helps remove biases and identifies individuals with the right skill sets in an objective manner, and does it pretty fast.

Ezetap leverages HackerEarth as the first step of the screening process of developer candidates, post which the shortlisted candidates are required to go through face-to-face interviews (technical rounds and HR interaction). This helped Ezetap quicken its screening and interview processes drastically.

Ezetap used HackerEarth to:

Evaluate developer candidates

The organization used HackerEarth as the 1st step for hiring developer candidates. In this way, the recruitment team at Ezetap could auto-evaluate submissions based on problem-solving skills, logical correctness, memory usage, syntax correctness, etc. In 2018 alone, the company sent out around 1,030 invites for hiring candidates, across different developer positions.

Reduce the time taken to conduct interviews and get a candidate on board

Ezetap witnessed a dramatic decrease in its time to hire a candidate and get him/her on board.

Eliminate subjectivity and bias from the screening process

HackerEarth helped eliminate human error and bias during the screening process of candidates. They utilized multiple choice and programming questions available on the platform to accurately assess the strength and weakness of a candidate.

Hire across developer different positions

Ezetap used HackerEarth to hire for over 5 different developer positions, including full stack developers, quality assessment engineers, senior software engineers, Java developers, front-end engineers, and more.

HackerEarth helps us accelerate our hiring process. It also helps us eliminate subjectivity from the screening and evaluation process. It allows us to objectively assess candidates’ skills and competencies irrespective of their pedigree.


For the past 4 years, Ezetap has been using HackerEarth extensively for its initial screening and evaluation processes to get the best talent on board.

The team at HackerEarth has been extremely helpful, says Kalyani Nadikatla. 

The team’s focus on customer centricity has helped me save time – I don’t have to go look for alternatives, the product takes care of all my assessment needs.

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