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Case Study

How to hire freshers without setting foot on a college campus

L&T infotech wanted to hire over 100 freshers but they did not want to follow the traditional style of campus hiring. How do you hire top quality freshers without ever setting foot on a college campus?

What is L&T Infotech's story?

L&T Infotech is one of the top five IT service providers in India. The company specializes in digital and automation solutions, IT services management, and IT consulting. With a presence in 22 countries and with over 20,000 employees, L&T Infotech has garnered a reputation for hiring top-quality candidates.


  • Hire top-quality new grads
  • Increase the number of candidates screened during campus hiring drives
  • Expand geographic reach


  • Competence in JAVA, .NET, shell scripting, and DBMS
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

Open hiring challenge as a solution

L&T Infotech partnered with HackerEarth to conduct a customized open hiring challenge for freshers. The hiring contest was crafted specifically to meet the technical requirements of L&T Infotech.

The 2.5-hour test comprised both Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and programming questions about the following topics:

  • Data structures
  • Algorithms
  • Shell scripting
  • Operating systems
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Verbal, aptitude, and logical reasoning

HackerEarth’s role

HackerEarth provided end-to-end management of the hiring challenge. By tapping into our global community and our extensive network of colleges and universities, we exceeded L&T Infotech’s expectations, with respect to participation, in just 3 weeks!

Fair and unbiased assessment

Using the best-in-class proctoring mechanisms, L&T Infotech was able to administer a fair and unbiased test remotely across India. The proctoring mechanisms included the advanced plagiarism detector, which analyzes code written on an opcode level, recording every keystroke of the candidate.


candidates screened


candidates shortlisted


fair and unbiased assessment using hackerearth recruit

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