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What is technology recruiting?
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What is technology recruiting?

Technology recruiting is often defined as IT or technical recruiting which comprises sourcing, screening, and assessing candidates who fit specific technical roles. Technology recruiting involves finding quality technical talent from a sourcing pipeline to match the hiring manager’s requirements.

Who is a technical recruiter?

With a huge demand for technical talent right now, the global competition to attract skilled workers is increasing every day. It is a candidate’s market; recruiters at tech companies are using every trick in the book to acquire and retain the best people for specialized roles. 

This is where technology recruiters can work their magic.

A technical recruiter is an IT or technology recruiter of an organization’s talent acquisition team. An IT recruiter does not necessarily need to be from a technical background to be a technical recruiter but a good understanding of technology is a definite requirement.

Two key skills every technology recruiter should have:

Technical knowledge

The best background for assessing the technical competency of that candidate is to have been an engineer yourself, but having sound knowledge about the tech trends in the company and a high-level understanding of general technologies is a core skill. Obviously, they need to have a better-than-layperson understanding of the tools of the trade—ATS, email software, word processing software, etc. (Also read – How to begin your digital recruitment strategy)

People skills

The best recruiters have great people skills.  They are able to listen; build rapport, trust, credibility, and relationships; resolve conflicts; and, consult with people.  

Skills for technology recruiting


A technical recruiter should have a great understanding of developer behavior. A good developer usually gets hired right out of college and, more often than not, are paid well to quit existing jobs. For others, a recruiter needs to look in places where few have gone before; platforms such as GitHub and StackOverflow can be amazing sources to find great tech talent. (Also read – 9 ways to hire great developers)


When hiring a developer, just reviewing a resume or assessing an online profile does not give the required information. While these are good summaries of their skills and experience, they do not throw light on their problem-solving and investigative skills, their collaborative nature, and their understanding of a company’s specific problems.

Using technology recruitment software, assessing a candidate on various skills and levels and getting the insight you need becomes easier. (Also read – HR Automation software and what it means for future of recruitment)

Benefits of using technology recruitment software for screening

Technology recruiting software comes with hordes of features, which could be termed more than useful while recruiting top tech talent. Following are the top features that a technical recruiter should look for in any kind of recruitment software: (Read – 7 advantages of using recruitment software)

  • Multiple choice questions or Questionnaires

A programming questionnaire is a quick way to identify the right tech talent. The idea is to help people quickly filter out technically inept candidates by asking some basic technical questions to not waste time and effort interviewing them. A customized question bank is an add-on to assess your talent pipeline, evaluating them on basic problems to understand the approach toward bigger problems.

  • Automated technical assessment

Automated technical assessment is an accurate and fast method to filter a rookie from an expert. Good technical recruitment software such as HackerEarth offers a huge library of questions for evaluation. The candidate can be assessed online on one or multiple skills in a short period of time. An enhanced plagiarism checker running in the background ensures that no infringement is possible. Evolved recruitment software gives the developer a comfortable environment by providing options in the form of multiple programming languages and an emulator (Replicating the environment the user is comfortable with) while screening.

  • Live coding assessment

Follow automated assessment with a rigorous live coding challenge, where the developer is given a problem statement related to an ongoing project or part of a project and is then made to code live on a simulated environment. Features like FaceCode in HackerEarth’s technical recruitment software allow live coding assessments for remote candidates by enabling video features.

(For more details check: HackerEarth Technical Recruitment Software)

Technical recruitment software is a good way to save your team’s time and scale up the hiring process. A quick questionnaire and an automated test can help eliminate irrelevant candidates from the pipeline while increasing reach.


An efficient technology recruiter is a negotiator, an active listener, a resume-writing expert, (sporadic) a career coach/cheerleader, a mediator, a connector, a ruthless gatekeeper, and a benefactor of sorts. With so many roles to play successfully, it is only right that recruiters leverage the right technologies to improve their chances.

Download this essential guide to talent assessment software for more features.

In our next blog in this two-part series, we discuss a few popular tools for technology recruitment in the market. 

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Check out FaceCode:
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