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RESTful API assessment

If you want to work with REST API candidates, you need to assess their skills on J2EE and API development. A fair understanding of web development, HTML, and frameworks is required. 

You can assess a REST API developer on the following skills-

  • Understanding of an MVC framework such as Spring/Play.
  • Understanding of HTTP protocol (method/response codes), REST/RESTful web services, SOAP (optional)
  • Understanding of JSON or XML or protocol buffers
  • Basics of validation framework
  • Any good persistence framework like Spring/Hibernate

How this test helps with hiring REST candidates

Steps to assess REST developers
Create a test
Create a test
Add questions to assess REST skills
Add questions to assess REST skills
Send invites to candidates
Send invites to candidates
Evaluate the report
Evaluate the report
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Common types of assessments used by our top customers

Programming question to assess development skills

10 MCQs on
basic Java skills and programming skills

10 MCQs on

Sample questions

What is the error in the following Rest API code:

public class prod {
@POST @Path(""..."") public Response add( @FormParam(""id"") int id, @FormParam(""nm"") String name, @FormParam(""prc"") float price) { return Response.status(200) .entity("" Result is successful!"") .build(); } } "

  • Class cannot be executedCorrect Answer
  • Error in the return statement
  • No error
  • "@POST" cannot be defined

Which of these options will complete the line A in the following lines of code:

"public class task extends AsyncTask<string,string,string>{ protected String doInBackground(String... params) { HttpURLConnection connection=null; BufferedReader reader; try { URL url = new URL(params[0]); connection = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection(); connection.connect(); InputStream stream = ......; /**Line A**/ reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(stream)); ..... }"

  • Compilation error
  • connection.Inputstream()
  • connection.getInputStream()Correct Answer
  • HttpURLConnection.setConnection()

What is the error in the following web service code:

" ....... AsyncTask.execute(new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { ..... URL Endpoint = new URL(""""); HttpsURLConnection myConnection = (HttpsURLConnection) Endpoint.Connection(); } }); ......"

  • Endpoint.openStream()
  • No error
  • AsyncTask is executed incorrectly
  • Endpoint.openConnection()Correct Answer

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