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Skills required

Knowledge of MySQL database, JQuery

Experience with Java script and HTML5

Knowledge of Linux and Ubuntu

Ruby on Rails developer assessment

Ruby on Rails is framework of Ruby. A candidate who is well versed with Ruby on rails may be acquainted only with the skills of Ruby. Hence, while assessing a Ruby on Rails candidate, it is essential to evaluate additional programming skills along with Ruby.

A good candidate should have an understanding of JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, and operating systems such as Linux and Ubuntu.

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Create a test
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Add questions to assess Ruby on Rails
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Evaluate the report
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Common types of assessments used by our top customers

Programming question to assess development skills

10 MCQs on
basic HTML5, JavaScript, and JQuery

10 MCQs on
Ruby and Linux

Sample questions

In Ruby on Rails, which of the following methods returns a new array with modifications?

  • Sort
  • Sort!Correct Answer
  • Sort$
  • None of these

In Ruby on Rails, which of the following classes responds to lifecycle callbacks to implement trigger-like behavior outside the original class?

  • ObserverCorrect Answer
  • Predesor
  • Behaviour
  • None of these

What is the output of the following Ruby on Rails code: “class Numeric def plus(value) self.+(value) end end value = 6 puts value “

  • Adds a plus method to all the numbers and 11.Correct Answer
  • Adds all the numbers.
  • Adds all the self numbers and 30 .
  • Error

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