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Used for hiring

Back-end Developers
Web Developers

Skills required

Knowledge of SQL

Understanding of HTML

Understanding of CSS

XML Developer Assessment

These tests are highly popular among recruiters to assess XML candidates.

XML candidates usually have a good understanding of backend tools and programming languages. A candidate acquainted in Java, HTML, and CSS would be a good resource.

You can check the following skills while hiring for an XML developer-

  • Writing Java API applications.
  • Developing and managing XML transformations.
  • Executing Agile development tools.

How this test helps with hiring XML candidates

Steps to assess XML Developers
Create a test
Create a test
Add questions to assess XML skills
Add questions to assess XML skills
Send invites to candidates
Send invites to candidates
Evaluate the report
Evaluate the report
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Common types of assessments used by our top customers

Programming questions to assess development skills in XML

10 MCQs on
basic HTML and Java skills

10 MCQs on
Agile tools, Java, backend

Sample questions

Which of the following statements about the development of the XML is correct:

  • XML is developed from HTML because web browsers during that period web browsers were working efficiently
  • XML is designed as a replacement language because SGML cannot be used for document development
  • XML has been built on the HTML's ability to provide virtually content to any audience by adding the power of intelligent contentCorrect Answer
  • XML is the modern replacement for HTML and SGML by making both of these languages obsolete

What is the output of the following XML code:

xmlDoc=loadXMLDoc("liberary.xml"); newNode=xmlDoc.createElement("liberary"); x=xmlDoc.documentElement; y=xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("liberary"); document.write("Liberaryelements before: " + y.length); document.write("
"); x.insertBefore(newNode,y[3]); y=xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("liberary"); document.write("Book elements after: " + y.length);

  • Liberary elements before: 4
  • Liberary elements after: 5
  • Both of theseCorrect Answer
  • None of these

Which of the following statements about XML being used in the professional domain is true:

1.XML is currently the most sophisticated format for distributed data.

2.Mapping existing data structures like file systems or relational databases to XML is simpler.

3.The tree structure of XML allows documents to be compared and aggregated efficiently element by element.

4.Facilitates internationalization of applications

5.Contains machine-readable context information

  • 1 and 2
  • 1, 3, and 5
  • All of theseCorrect Answer
  • None of these

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