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Angular JS Assessment Test

If you want to work with Angular JS it doesn’t mean that a candidate should only be well versed with Angularjs.
Rather a good candidate will have an understanding of Angular APIs and Framework.

You can check for the following skills when you hire an AngularJS developer:

  • Excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  • Ability to develop application code and unit test in the AngularJS
  • Strong experience with RESTful services
  • Knowledge of modern Javascript MV-VM/MVC frameworks like AngularJS, Jquery, NodeJS

How this test helps with hiring Anguar JS candidate

Steps to assess Angular JS
Candidates properly
Create a Test
Create a Test
Add Questions to assess angularjs skills
Add Questions to assess angularjs skills
Evaluate the report
Evaluate the report
Send invites to candidates
Send invites to candidates
Assess Angular js for free   
Common type of assessment used by our top customers.

Programming questions to assess Development skills.

10 MCQ on
Basic Coding Skills

10 MCQ
Angular JS Concepts

Sample questions

“Which of the following CLI commands is used to run testing: ng test ng e2e ng lint”

  • 1
  • 2
  • 1 and 2Correct Answer
  • 1, 2, and 3

“In AngularJS, which of the following is an advantage of dependency injection:

1.Instead of creating an instance of a dependent service when we need it the class or function will ask for it

2.Change the underlying implementation of a dependency without manually changing each dependent function”

  • 1
  • 2
  • Both of theseCorrect Answer
  • None of these

Which of these statements about the following AngularJS code is correct:

"let foo: number; @Component({ selector: 'my-component', template: ... , providers: [ { provide: Foo, useValue: foo } ] }) export class MyComponent {}"

  • The problem encountered is a reference to a locally defined symbol and it can be fixed by initializing the foo function.
  • The problem encountered is a reference to a locally defined symbol and can be fixed by exporting foo.
  • The problem encountered a referenced to a locally defined symbol and can be fixed by initializing foo or exporting foo.Correct Answer
  • The compiler dose not encounter a referenced to a locally defined symbol.

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