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Hiring Strategies for the Ages

webinar CalenderDate Aired On: November 29, 2022


Tech Hiring is hard, and it's harder when you have limited brand presence in the market but still want to attract the best talent. For startups and SMBs, most hiring managers play the role of sourcer and recruiter when it comes to hiring for tech roles - so how do you go about this when you have limited resources available to position your employers? We asked Mahesh Srivastava, Co-CTO for Louisa, a team at Goldman Sachs to share his secrets on building a successful engineering team from the ground up - and he's agreed to join us on This Is Recruiting to provide his insights and hold a LIVE AMA to share his winning strategies! Join us on the 29th of November at 11:00 am IST to learn:

  • How to construct an effective hiring pyramid for engineering teams
  • How to build a strong candidate pipeline during hiring freezes
  • How to attract the best tech talent with limited brand presences
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Mahesh Srivastava is a Technology Leader with nearly two decades of experience building high performing technology teams. He has led companies through successful mergers and acquisitions.

Mahesh is passionate about disruptive technologies and specializes in building teams and software products from ground up. He has led teams that deliver cutting-edge applications in a highly competitive market space spanning investment banks, higher education and health-care technology.
Mahesh is a compassionate leader who brings top talent together across geographies to build high performing teams.