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Creating Real World Problems for Tech Hiring Assessments

webinar CalenderDate Aired On: October 27, 2022


When it comes to technical hiring, recruiters are compelled to compare candidates with the same yardstick - but no two candidates are exactly alike.

So how do you evaluate who is the better fit? By asking the right questions!

To help you with this, we called in our very own, Vishwastam Shukla, CTO of HackerEarth to join us for an exclusive webinar where he reveals our secrets to crafting real world problems for technical assessments.

Join us on the 27th of October at 10:00am EST to learn:

  • How to build assessments for various technical profiles
  • When to use Programming, Real World, Fullstack and Project type questions
  • How to maximize the use of a diverse question library

And so much more along with a Live Q&A session!

Save your seat today to hear from a Titan in the industry.


CTO, startup enthusiast, resident Bitcoin guru – Vishy (as we like to call him) wears all these hats and any more. He also takes a keen interest in design thinking, photography and music. He believes art pervades into everything that’s science. One just needs to look deep enough.