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Data-driven recruitment is a huge deal, especially when it comes to filtering out the uncertainties in your recruiting process to boost your hiring speed.

But the common challenge seen today is recruiters having too much data without a clear understanding of an efficient way to use it.

That’s why we teamed up with Mike Cohen, founder of Wayne Technologies, to learn more about how the power of analytics can help you build a data-driven recruiting strategy that works.

Watch this webinar to:

  •  Understand why data and analytics are important for sourcers and recruiters today
  • Analyze what metrics/KPIs should be used to gauge sourcer/recruiter efficacy, and why
  • Explore top tools and technologies that can help you achieve those metrics and maximize your recruitment analytics ROI

  • About the speaker

    Mike “Batman” Cohen is the Founder of Wayne Technologies, a Sourcing-on-Demand and Recruitment Training Organization. Wayne Technologies On-Demand Sourcing is a revolutionary approach that provides the most actionable data available, is based on deliverables – not time, and is based on access to more recruitment tooling than any organization worldwide.

    Throughout his career he’s learned several things that he’s committed to paying forward:

    a) We can’t make it on our own – we need community

    b) There is no “secret sauce” – we should all be sharing our skills, tips, tricks, etc. 

    c) Data is extremely important

    He has worked with a diverse group of clients including  Uber, Whole Foods, The New York Times, Waste Management, GIPHY, Relativity Space, Wyman Gordon, Walter P. Moore, and more. 

    Speaker Image

    Mike Cohen

    Founder of Wayne Technologies