Tech Hiring Challenges – What NOT To Do When Recruiting Fresh Talent

It goes without saying that the tech field is booming and as a business owner, you are probably well aware of the current tech hiring challenges. With new advancements in technology emerging every day, businesses are scrambling to find top talent to help stay ahead of the curve.

If you are tempted to take shortcuts or cut corners in your recruitment process, remember that you might end up spending too much time and resources on recruiting and replacing technical talent later on. Studies show that 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring choices, which can cost up to several hundred percent more than what you would have paid for a good fit in the first place!

Let us take a look at six things you should never do when recruiting fresh talent for your tech team.

Hiring Mistakes To Avoid:

Offering low pay

When it comes to developing your software, the talent budget is an important one. Setting this wrong can mean missed opportunities and wasted resources, and there’s no getting around! Creating quality products isn’t just deciding what needs fixing or adding onto existing features (though those things are crucial as well). Setting the tech budget too low can be a costly endeavor for any software company in the long run. If you want something that people will not mind paying for over their lifetime, you have to be ready to invest upfront for talent that will develop the product or service in the first place.

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Having an outdated tech stack

There’s nothing more alluring than a company that remains innovative and ahead of the curve. If you have a tech stack that is up-to-date, new employees will be excited to get hands-on experience with them. Not only do people love figuring out how things work but also knowing what is possible in this ever-changing industry! So make sure whatever equipment and software you’ve got available meet recent standards – because top talent prefers quality over anything else.

Not hiring internally

When looking for new talent, your current employees may be the best resource. While many companies believe that creating a referral program is the way to go in this tight hiring market and fast-paced environment of technology innovation; don’t make a mistake by overlooking internal candidates who can offer you hard work with loyalty attached at every turn! Promoting internally boosts employee retention rates as well because these individuals feel valued – meaning greater engagement overall which results in higher productivity levels across departments.

Not testing technical skills

When hiring tech talent for high-end tech positions, many managers overlook the importance of testing candidate skills because their resumes often showcase experience. But it’s crucial to test applicants’ coding or programming language proficiency more so than any other group. Always conduct different types of coding tests for hiring and interviewing your dream candidate before moving them to the next step. The pressure to hire is high in this market, but it’s important that you don’t settle for anything less than what your company needs – which means the potential employees’ technical skills should be at or above-average levels.

The tests should be task-oriented, requiring applicants to develop a function using the coding language or languages that are required for this job.

These can all become automated through tech hiring platforms like HackerEarth. HackerEarth is recruiting software that has created a leaderboard for each coding assessment, which allows recruiters and hiring managers to screen the best developers in an easy way. Its other benefits include:

  • 80+ skills that you can use to ask 13,000+ questions
  • Project-type questions to replicate on-the-job challenges
  • Automated invigilation as well as strong proctoring facilities
  • Detailed performance evaluations for each candidate
  • Data-driven insights for a deeper analysis and to fine-tune the hiring process
  • FaceCode lets you easily conduct coding interviews on a collaborative, real-time code editor. It has a state-of-the-art collaborative code editor along with a diagram board and an HD video chat facility

Having a biased recruiting process

The lack of diversity and representation among tech professionals has been talked about for years and yet it’s something that many companies continue to struggle with, even today. Make your recruitment process as fair and open-minded as possible to get access to more applicants and better talent. Building a diverse and inclusive team is a great way to increase productivity, creativity, cultural awareness, and problem-solving capabilities.

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Taking too long to hire

Recruiters should make sure to let potential candidates know that hiring tech talent is a top priority. If an applicant doesn’t hear back from them within a reasonable time frame, he or she will move on to search elsewhere for better opportunities and you will lose out on a capable candidate.

When recruiting for your tech team, there might be a lot of challenges in talent acquisition, but don’t cut corners and keep these six hiring mistakes in mind and take steps to avoid them. By taking the time to find the right fit for your company and investing in good recruitment software and process, you’ll be able to save money as well as a lot of extra work down the road.

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