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HackerEarth has always taken tech hiring to the next level. It offers integrations with the most popular Application Tracking Systems (ATS), the latest being Naukri RMS. The mundane process of tech hiring just got bumped to first class!

Naukri RMS is a simple and easy-to-use applicant tracking software that automates end-to-end hiring. Power up your tech hiring process by quickly and effortlessly hiring the best tech talent without ever leaving your ATS.

How can HackerEarth’s integration with Naukri RMS benefit you?

HE + Naukri RMS

RMS has got you covered, right from sourcing, assessing, and interviewing the candidate to sending out the offer letter. 

Our integration with RMS allows a recruiter to conduct coding assessments on the HackerEarth Assessments platform without leaving the ATS that they are using to track applicants. All your assessment data from HackerEarth will be automatically synced to the ATS in real-time. 

If you add or modify any data on the HackerEarth platform, the same data will be updated on RMS, your ATS platform. Your workflow is not disrupted and you do not have to do it manually, anymore.

This eliminates a lot of the back and forth, saving you time in the process.

If you have already been using RMS as your ATS partner, you will now be able to assess candidates for over 80+ skills, 40+ coding languages and 10+ developer roles with HackerEarth Assessments in RMS. You will also be able to:

  • Transfer data quickly between their recruiting system and the HackerEarth platform automatically — ensuring data accuracy and synchronization
  • Once you create the required job posting on RMS, you can create and launch coding tests for the candidates; from your ATS itself 
  • These assessments can be customized according to role-based, skills-based, experience-based categories and so on. You can invite an applicant, right from your ATS platform, to take the assessment. No switching between applications is required
  • Collaborate seamlessly with hiring managers and candidates by managing communication from a centralized mailbox in RMS
  • RMS also helps in availing detailed candidate performance reports from start to finish

We are available at support@hackerearth.com to answer any queries on how to use this new feature.

Do you want to see other ATS platforms that HackerEarth integrates with? This is where you can find it on our main website.

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