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9 Reasons Why HackerEarth Is A Good Alternative To Codility

9 Reasons Why HackerEarth Is A Good Alternative To Codility

Imagine hiring a candidate that is the perfect fit for your company. With unbeatable technical skills, impressive communication skills, and a good team player.

Who doesn’t want that?

But judging a candidate’s personality and capabilities is tough, especially in tech hiring. You need a platform that helps you test relevant skills in real time.

HackerEarth and Codility are well-known platforms that tech companies swear by. You can evaluate applicants’ technological aptitudes effectively throughout the interview process and employment. These platforms include various tools and services that allow companies to develop coding challenges, assessments, and interviews to assess individuals’ coding skills.

Both these companies are neck-to-neck when it comes to popularity. In fact, many hiring managers and recruiters frequently struggle to decide between them. Despite certain parallels in their services, they are distinct due to several factors.

In this article, let’s compare the features, costs, user interfaces, and other aspects of Codility’s alternative, HackerEarth and Codility itself. By the end of this article, the platform that best meets your recruitment needs will be clear to you.


HackerEarth is a top platform offering technical recruiting solutions for businesses of all sizes. Recruiters and hiring managers can easily create coding challenges and assessments with HackerEarth. The platform provides a vast library of 17,000+ questions across 900+ skills that can be tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

Additionally, HackerEarth is also known for having the best end-to-end managed hackathons platform and its intelligent coding interview tool, FaceCode. You may utilize the platform to make data-driven recruiting decisions by getting real-time insights into candidates’ performance through advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms.


Codility’s offerings are quite similar to that of HackerEarth. They also aim to help tech companies make better hiring decisions. Its platform provides skill-based programming tests to evaluate developers accurately. It provides you with an expansive library of 90+ technologies and allows you to create custom tests.

Why should companies choose HackerEarth over Codility?

Looking For A Codility Alternative? End Your Search With HackerEarth

The choice between HackerEarth and Codility ultimately comes down to the objectives and hiring demands of your organization. Both platforms include various features and tools that allow recruiters and hiring managers to gauge and evaluate candidates’ technical skills.

However, if you want a versatile tech hiring platform, go for HackerEarth, which is a superior alternative to Codility.

It’s a user-friendly platform with a question bank of more than 17,000+ coding-related questions. This makes it simple to create tests for recruiting a majority of roles from junior to senior tech employees. Recruiters can create customized tests that meet their unique criteria with minimal technical know-how. Additionally, HackerEarth’s assessment platform provides real-time reporting and performance insights.

On the other hand, Codility also offers similar features but with some limitations. Let’s dive in and see what sets these two platforms apart.

HackerEarth Vs Codility

1. Features and functionality

HackerEarth: HackerEarth helps you build the best tech teams, providing a full package from attracting the right talent to upskilling the current workforce. Moreover, HackerEarth understands that it might be difficult for a recruiter to do it all. That’s why we introduced easy navigation, a pre-built library, and highly customizable assessments that match specific requirements. Moreover, our customer support is known to be excellent.

Which helps you hire, train and retain the best talent!

Codility: Codility provides features like pre-built coding tasks and questions that may be customized to meet specific needs, a comprehensive coding examination tool that supports many different programming languages, and an online code editor that enables applicants to develop and test their code. However, the platform may not be as ideal for many organizations due to its complex user interface and high pricing models.

2. Test creation and administration

Let’s take a look at the key differences between Codility and HackerEarth. Both platforms offer state-of-the-art AI-based tech recruiting tools.

HackerEarth: The platform opens up its comprehensive library of pre-built coding questions to you. You can choose from 17,000+ questions and 900+ skills to set the right test for each job role. You can create tests based on a particular skill, job role, or job description. It also has the option of tailoring tests so they match your specific requirements.

The platform supports multiple question types, including MCQs, coding questions, and subjective questions. The platform’s drag-and-drop interface allows recruiters to arrange and organize questions easily. Additionally, recruiters can customize test settings, such as the time limit, difficulty level, and programming language.

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Codility: Codility offers a comprehensive set of tools and features for test creation and administration, but it can be long and complicated if you do not have any prior interaction with the platform. Its library of questions is also minimal when compared to HackerEarth’s library.

Although you can try and customize your test from the library of pre-built code tasks and questions with the platform, the modification options are restricted. If you want to customize your tests, not all question types in the library can be used. You can also only create role-specific tests. This may make it challenging to design assessments that can accurately evaluate candidates’ abilities.

3. Integrations

A good technical interviewing software should be compatible with other HR software. This is where HackerEarth and Codility differ.

HackerEarth: provides a variety of connections with ATS and HR applications. You can easily handle real-time candidate data and evaluation results, boosting their hiring processes’ efficacy and efficiency.

HackerEarth makes it simple for businesses to incorporate the findings of their assessments into their current hiring workflows by connecting with well-known ATS and HR software programs like Greenhouse, Lever, Zoho, and Workable. Eliminating the need for manual data entry and increasing the accuracy of candidate data enables you to make better recruiting decisions.

Codility: Codility allows integrations with a few popular ATS and HR software, like Greenhouse and Lever. But, compared to HackerEarth, Codility’s integration possibilities are limited.

Another limitation of Codility’s integrations is that there may be multiple stages in the employment process, which means some human data entry may be required. This might be time-consuming and increase the likelihood of errors or inconsistent data.

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4. Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics are crucial in tech interviews because they offer unbiased information about a candidate’s technical skills and talents, which may assist hiring managers in making better choices. Let’s check how HackerEarth provides more detailed reports than Codility.

HackerEarth: To make better recruiting decisions, recruiters may follow the development and performance of candidates in real time. With the platform’s robust data visualization features like leaderboards, you can immediately spot trends and patterns in evaluation data.

You can avail code quality scores based on 4 parameters in candidate performance reports with HackerEarth’s reporting. The parameters are maintainability, reliability, security, and cyclomatic Complexity. This helps you get a deeper insight into a candidate’s capabilities and make the correct hiring decision.

It also supports question-based analytics and supplies a health score index for each question in the library to help you add more accuracy to your assessments. The health score is based on parameters like degree of difficulty, choice of the programming language used, number of attempts over the past year, and so on.

Codility: Codility offers fundamental reporting and analytics features that let recruiters monitor the progress of candidates and the outcomes of assessments. However, Codility’s reporting and analytics tools fall short in several areas when compared to HackerEarth.

It also offers code quality scores but only on 3 parameters of correctness (available only for test cases), and performance, which includes a similarity/plagiarism check.

The lack of customization possibilities is one of the major drawbacks of Codility’s reporting and analytics services.

Pick The Right Type Of Question To Evaluate Developers | FREE EBOOK

5. Remote proctoring capabilities

HackerEarth: The chances of a candidate cheating on a HackerEarth technical assessment are virtually zero with our robust AI-powered proctoring features. To begin with, our platform does not allow candidates to use their own IDE to attempt a test.

We recently launched the HackerEarth Smart Browser which provides a sealed-off testing environment and takes random snapshots of the candidates via the webcam. A comprehensive list of candidate actions that are not allowed is as follows –

  • Screensharing the test window
  • Keeping other applications open during the test
  • Trying to switch tabs
  • Resizing the test window
  • Taking screenshots of the test window
  • Recording the test window
  • Using malicious keystrokes
  • Viewing OS notifications
  • Running the test window within a virtual machine
  • Operating browser developer tools

Additionally, HackerEarth Assessments restricts IP addresses based on location. This feature is useful during campus recruitment drives to prevent cheating.

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Codility: The proctoring features provided by this platform are not as advanced as HackerEarth’s. In fact, the available proctoring features are quite limited and not AI-powered.

Candidates can solve the assessment using their own IDE. This makes it difficult to curb any malpractices like copy-pasting code, switching tabs to search for solutions, and screen sharing to get help from external sources. Recruiters and hiring managers will have their work cut out for them, trying to closely monitor each candidate remotely and protect the integrity of the test.

6. Security and data privacy

In tech interviews, candidates are frequently asked to share sensitive information, including their personal information, employment history, and code samples. Therefore security and data privacy are essential. You must set up safe and dependable systems for data transmission, storage, and access control if you want to guarantee the security of this data.

Here is how HackerEarth and Codility provide security and data privacy.

HackerEarth: HackerEarth strongly emphasizes security and data privacy, making it a highly trusted platform for recruitment and assessments. The platform is designed to ensure that candidate data is protected at all times and that the platform is secure from potential cyber threats.

HackerEarth also has robust data privacy policies to ensure that candidate data is handled in compliance with relevant data protection laws, like GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and CCPA.

Codility: Codility has basic security and data privacy measures in place. The platform lacks some of the key security features essential for recruitment and assessments.

Regarding data privacy, Codility has some policies to ensure compliance with data protection laws like GDPR, ISO 27001, and CCPA. However, the platform lacks some of the tools recruiters need to manage candidate data securely.

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7. Pricing and support

You must pick an affordable platform with a price structure that matches your requirements for hiring. Support is essential during the interview if there are any technical difficulties or inquiries. A dependable support crew may reduce downtime, resolve issues, and guarantee a positive interviewing experience for prospects and recruiters.

HackerEarth: HackerEarth provides flexible pricing options to their clients, allowing them to choose the plan that best fits their needs and budget. The platform offers pay-as-you-go and subscription-based plans, making it accessible to organizations of all sizes.

In addition to flexible pricing options, HackerEarth provides excellent customer support to their clients. It offers a customer support chat solution around the clock. HackerEarth also provides extensive documentation and training materials to help recruiters and hiring managers get the most out of the platform.

Its flexible pricing options and excellent customer support make it attractive for organizations seeking a reliable and cost-effective recruitment and assessment platform.

Codility: Codility’s pricing model is less flexible than HackerEarth, making it less accessible to organizations with limited budgets. The platform offers only subscription-based plans, which can be costly for smaller organizations.

Regarding customer support, Codility provides basic support services to its clients. However, the platform’s support resources are limited compared to HackerEarth. Codility does not offer 24/7 support, making it difficult for organizations operating in different time zones.

8. User experience

User experience (UX) can significantly impact candidate engagement, satisfaction, and, ultimately, an organization’s recruitment success, making it an essential part of technical interviews. A well-designed and user-friendly platform can attract top talent, promote a good candidate experience and positively reflect the company’s brand and culture.

HackerEarth: HackerEarth provides a fantastic user experience through its intuitive and user-friendly interface. The platform has a modern and sleek design that is easy to navigate, making it accessible to technical and non-technical users. The highly customizable platform allows recruiters and hiring managers to tailor it to their needs.

In addition, HackerEarth provides a seamless candidate experience. The platform’s assessments are engaging and interactive, making it easy for candidates to showcase their skills and abilities. The platform also provides candidates with detailed feedback.

Codility: Codility’s less polished user experience and limited customization options can make it less attractive to organizations that prioritize user-friendliness and flexibility in their recruitment and assessment platforms.

9. User reviews and feedback

It is advisable to check reviews before investing in any software or tool. In tech interviews, customer reviews and comments are crucial as they shed light on the pros and cons of the platform as well as the overall user experience. You may better understand how the platform works in practical situations. Let’s see what other companies are saying about HackerEarth and Codility.

HackerEarth: HackerEarth has received overwhelmingly positive user reviews and is trusted by 1000+ top enterprises. The platform is highly praised for its intuitive interface, customizable assessments, and excellent customer support. Users also appreciate the platform’s seamless integration with other HR software and ATS systems and robust reporting and analytics capabilities.

Companies like Flipkart, Lenskart Freshdesk, and many more rely on HackerEarth to hire top talent in the industry. In addition, many users also note that HackerEarth’s assessments are engaging and interactive. Users agree that the assessments are fair and unbiased.

Codility: Codility has received mixed reviews and feedback from users. While some users appreciate the platform’s focus on algorithmic testing and its ability to identify top technical talent, others criticize its lack of customization options and less-polished user interface.

Some users have also expressed frustration with Codility’s pricing model, which can be expensive for organizations that conduct several assessments.

The scales are tipping in favor of…

In conclusion, HackerEarth and Codility provide useful hiring and evaluation tools to assist businesses in streamlining their hiring procedures and locating top talent. However, you should consider several significant variations between the two while deciding which platform to adopt.

HackerEarth is a great alternative to Codility and outperforms it in several ways. To summarize a few advanced features it provides:

  • more refined user experience,
  • multiple customization choices,
  • better remote proctoring features
  • robust reporting and analytics tools.

The platform also heavily emphasizes security and data protection, making it a viable option for businesses that value these aspects.

Contrarily, Codility’s focus on coding challenges and assessments may be particularly appealing to organizations looking to hire for technical roles. However, the platform may be less customizable and less intuitive than HackerEarth, and some users have criticized its pricing model, the proctoring limitations, and the accuracy of its assessments.

Not convinced yet? So don’t take our word for it. Sign up for a free trial and check out HackerEarth’s offerings for yourself!

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