7 Changes In HackerEarth Assessments You Missed Out On

7 Changes In HackerEarth Assessments You Missed Out On

18% of hiring managers state that finding qualified entry-level technology talent has become even more complex over the last year (an 8% increase from 2021). This is where pre-employment assessment tools step in! Screening developers’ talent and finding the cream of the crop just got a whole lot better. HackerEarth’s coding assessment platform has made it easier for recruiters and HR professionals to screen and assess applicants.

Our assessment platform lets recruiters create coding tests based on their requirements and auto-evaluates the results of the candidates, thus eliminating the human-error factor. HackerEarth’s assessment platform also has pre-added customizable questions and templates that further make it easy to create a test.

But it doesn’t stop there, our teams of experts are always working to offer you the best features and assessment tools. This brings us to the main topic of this article, 7 major changes in the HackerEarth assessments platform that you may have missed out on.

Key changes in our assessments platform


1. DevOps question type

Changes in assessments - DevOps question type

As the name suggests, it is a new question type for recruiters to evaluate and assess DevOps skills. With this you can assess:

  • Machine configuration skills
  • Environment setup skills
  • Infrastructure management skills (this includes cloud infrastructure, load balancing, and scaling)
  • Automating workflow
  • Assessment and performance monitoring responsibilities

Typically, the DevOps assessment test is 60% real-world project-related questions and 40% related MCQs and will help you evaluate their:

  • Programming proficiency
  • Problems solving capabilities
  • Knowledge of cybersecurity fundamentals
  • Understanding of required frameworks
  • And other skills in relation to the job.

After an evaluation is complete, our platform will auto-assess the answers and give recruiters precise feedback on the candidates’ performance and this includes:

  • Total test score
  • Results of the evaluation based on the score
  • Time at which the candidate submitted the test
  • Offers a list of test cases along with the status
  • Individual scoring for each test case executed correctly

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2. D&I – Flag offensive and R-rated language while question creation

This major update is a part of our diversity and inclusion initiative. This feature focuses on highlighting and flagging words deemed offensive or prejudiced for or against one person or group of people (communities) when admins are creating a question.

Changes in assessments - D&I

These words will be highlighted to the admins (recruiters and HRs) when they’re in the process of creating the test and test questions. To further simplify it, the platform will highlight the entire sentence, making it easier to edit.


Changes in assessments - D&I


This will help in making the interview space a much safer and more comfortable place for every candidate.

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3. All new user interface and navigation

This pretty much speaks for itself. We’ve given our user interface a new look which we think is quite refreshing. To further add to it, navigation has been made much easier so you can access any document/file/tool with ease.

4. Assessment listing search

Changes in assessments - Search bar

If you’ve already used our platform, you may know it can list all the tests you and your team created but lacked certain filters and search functionalities.

But that’s not the case anymore, you can now filter tests and evaluations based on their completion status or the admins (HRs/recruiters) who created them. This makes it easier to filter and locate your assessments/tests.

5. Test reliability score

Changes in assessments - test reliability score

This new feature helps recruiters assess if their tests are reliable enough to assess two candidates with similar skills and experience with the outcome of each being pretty much the same. If the result of the two equally skilled candidates in question are similar, then the test is deemed to be reliable.

By taking this into account, our platform will let you know how reliable your test is. This way you can further customize your evaluations to get better results.

6. Subjective question auto evaluation

Remember how you manually had to evaluate the candidates’ written answers to subjective questions?

Well, you can make that a memory of the past. Our platform will auto-evaluate candidates’ answers based on your expectations!  How?

You can now add an expected answer from your side while creating subjective questions (this will not be shown to any candidate).

There is ‘A View difference’ option that allows the admin to see the difference between the actual answer and the candidate’s answer.


Once your candidate has submitted their answer, our platform will compare the given solution to the expected answer and score it accordingly.

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7. L&D – Consolidated candidate profile

This feature mostly relates not to recruitment but to Learning and Development. It helps L&D managers view, track, and monitor every employee’s performance based on regular assessments and their results.

Changes in assessments - L&D

If the L&D manager wants to evaluate their teams, they just have to hand out assessments created on HE and our platform will evaluate and give them accurate feedback. Additionally, they can search for any candidate with ease and track their progress history as well.

Changes in assessments - L&D


This helps in giving managers much deeper insight into how well their teams are doing and how well every employee is improving.

Final Thoughts

These changes in our assessments platform can help you step up your recruiting game. From DevOps question types to the L&D – Consolidated candidate profile, we know these features can help in making recruiting easy and more streamlined for you.

Give HackerEarth Assessments a try if you haven’t already. You can choose the free trial if you’re still doubtful.


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