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The tech industry has undergone major shifts in its processes due to the pandemic—the most significant one being remote work. Existing recruiting strategies like screening and interviewing are being moved to digital platforms with remote work becoming the new standard.

Qualified talent in the tech industry is hard to come by. With remote hiring strategies, your talent pool gets bigger, and you have a better chance of recruiting developers who are keepers. For that, it is important to have a streamlined process in place.

How do you accurately assess developers in the shortest time possible? How can you reliably evaluate candidates’ technical skills and screen them pre-interview? Enter automated assessment tools. Coding assessments will help you cut through the noise and find awesome developers from a large talent pool!

Top features of an online assessment tool


Features of an online automated assessment tool


There are a lot of automated assessment tools in the market to pick from. Enough to make your head spin.

How do you choose the right tool? A good coding assessment tool contains a rich library of questions, provides realistic insights into a candidate’s technical knowledge and improves candidate experience.

We did our research and here are some of the features to watch out for:

  • Extensive range of topics

Any good online assessment tool will offer a comprehensive range of programming languages, and frameworks as well as test for both modern and legacy coding skills. You should be able to test for all developer roles whether it is frontend or backend.

  • Automated assessments tailored to specific roles

The platform should enable you to create your custom coding assessments as per your hiring needs. Every hiring manager’s need is different. You should have the choice of creating different types of questions like MCQs or subjective questions that simulate on-the-job problems.

  • Robust proctoring capabilities

One of the most important features that every tool must have—proctor settings with reports. Proctoring enables you to monitor candidates through video during the test and maintain the integrity of the assessment. The automated assessment tool should also report tab switching, copy-pasting code, and candidate impersonation.

  • Auto scoring based on standardized evaluation parameters

Minimal manual grading reduces the scope for bias and error. Evaluating every candidate against standard parameters helps keep the assessment objective. Automated scoring reports make it simple and quick for you to identify who made the cut and who didn’t. This way you can notify the candidate almost immediately and ensure that they are kept updated at every step of the hiring lifecycle.

  • Detailed candidate performance reports

A good coding assessment tool provides deeper insights into a candidate’s capabilities with summarized, automated performance reports. You require detailed analytics to effectively evaluate their technical knowledge.

  • Seamless integration with ATS

Say no to depending on spreadsheets and emails for keeping track of your potential candidates. It only leads to confusion, loss of data, and chaos. Work with a tool that offers easy integration with an ATS, where you can sync all candidate data and avoid switching between different applications.

Automated assessments made easy with HackerEarth

HE is better than any alternatives for automated assessment tools

Here’s why we think HackerEarth Assessments stands out from other tools in the market. You now have to check if what your shortlisted candidates mentioned on their resumes pans out in a live coding assessment. The online assessment tool should also be easy to use, offer objective evaluation, and deliver detailed reports.

Check, check and check. Our platform offers all this and more.

  • A rich library of 13,000+ questions across 80+ programming skills enables you to create highly precise coding assessments with minimal technical knowledge.
  • Creation of your own assessment for any role or skill in under 5 minutes or based on job descriptions, with the option to create custom questions.
  • The choice of creating different types of questions like MCQs or project-type questions that simulate on-the-job problems.
  • Seamless integration with popular ATSs like LinkedIn Talent Hub, Lever, Workable, JazzHR, and more, which means you can sync all your candidate data with your ATS.
  • Instantly invite candidates to take the assessment you created on our platform. See at what stage each candidate is in throughout the hiring lifecycle, and avail performance reports, all from your ATS—without switching between multiple tools.
  • Robust proctoring measures with the option to customize the stringency, insight-rich reports on each candidate’s performance, and built-in PII (Personal Identifiable Information) feature that reduces bias in the process to offer an objective, accurate, and impartial screening process.
  • Auto scoring based on standardized evaluation parameters to ensure each candidate is assessed fairly.
  • Provides actionable insights into a candidate’s skills with summarized, automated performance reports.

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How To Create An Online Automated Assessment On HackerEarth

The key aspect of pre-employment assessment tools is to be able to create objective tests for a particular job role or skill. An appropriate automated assessment tool hits the sweet spot between offering flexibility and automation of online coding assessments.

To help you test the caliber of potential candidates, HackerEarth Assessments enables you to create coding assessments as per your distinct requirements.

There are four different ways in which you can create tests on our platform:

  1. Based on skills – create skill-based assessments for over 50 different skills ranging from basics such as C and C++ to more advanced topics such as Big Data.
  2. Based on job descriptions – create carefully-curated assessments based on job descriptions. Built on NLP,  the platform pulls the skills and experience from the description and designs an assessment best-suited to evaluate a candidate.
  3. Based on job roles –  build assessments based on specific job roles or profiles that your organization requires. This method helps you create a standardized test according to your requirements. The platform will suggest the skills relevant to the selected job role before creating the assessment
  4. Custom tests – design a test customized to your needs. It allows you to build a test from scratch by selecting relevant questions from the library or adding your own custom questions.

You can screen talented developers with ease in seconds on our platform. It automatically generates a leaderboard for every coding assessment helping you shortlist qualified devs.

We wrote a detailed article about the best ways to create tests on HackerEarth. You can read all about it here – 4 Ways To Create Tests With HackerEarth

Using the right coding assessment tool is integral to your recruitment process. An ambiguous job description and wordy candidate resumes will no longer cut it. With the introduction of new and advanced online assessment tools, recruiters can accurately evaluate the candidate’s technical skills—building an extremely streamlined hiring process.

It can be tough to figure out which coding assessment tool will work seamlessly by your side, and which one will just be a waste of your time.

If you ask us about the best one – we’re ready to answer. But we might be biased! Don’t take our word for it. Instead, take a HackerEarth Assessments demo  and decide for yourself.

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