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Candidate Relationship Management—Streamline the Recruiting Process

Candidate relationship management software

You are likely to fall back on your recruitment process if you don’t use candidate relationship management software.

When you have the software integrated into your recruitment process,  you can:

  • send them company updates and messages to keep them engaged
  • follow up with them when a hiring opportunity comes up.

In this article, we’ll share how candidate relationship management software can help you improve in these areas and strengthen your recruitment processes.

Let’s read.

What is candidate relationship management?

Candidate relationship management is the structured process of maintaining a healthy, positive relationship with active, passive, and former candidates that may not have worked out in the past but can be a suitable match in the future.

Criteria's candidate experience report 2022

By keeping these candidates engaged, you can:

  • educate them about your company
  • get them interested in working with you

Let’s say, a candidate has been interviewed for the role of a web developer. The recruiter ensures to keep them updated. But, they fail to do so. The candidate is likely to assume they have been ghosted. Errr.

In such a scenario, send the candidate an apology/rejection message and feedback on why they were not hired. This helps them understand the key areas they need improvement in and creates a positive candidate experience.

For example, Airbnb rejects candidates via email and invites them to a feedback call. Candidates who pass certain stages before being rejected even get coupons to acknowledge their effort.

Importance of candidate relationship management

Candidate relationship management software fills jobs faster by connecting with current and future candidates through email marketing campaigns, recruiting event functionality, and job recommendation portals. Here are 3 ways why candidate relationship management is important:

Keeps the candidates engaged

When you have shortlisted the candidates to move to the next stage of the selection process, keep the candidates engaged with continuous communication.

Create a wider talent pool

With the recruitment CRM, you can collect the candidate’s information—their name, email address, CV, and other information. You can reach out to these candidates later when a new job role in the company opens up.

Track your talent pipeline

Do you have high-quality talent in your pipeline? As the talent market evolves, the need for skills evolves too. That’s when you need to keep track of your talent pipeline. With candidate relationship management software in place, you can check whether you have candidates in your talent pipeline or have exhausted the best talent.

4 ways candidate relationship management software can solidify recruitment process

Let’s understand how candidate relationship management software helps in improving talent sourcing in 5 different ways:

#1—Keep talent engaged throughout the recruitment lifecycle

A disengaged candidate experience leads to uninterested candidates. Candidates want to know whether their application is progressing or not. Here are some best practices to ensure timely candidate updates:

Respond faster

It is common for candidates to not receive replies to their messages, which triggers their actions. If you don’t respond to candidates’ messages or emails, they are likely to assume the job application isn’t progressing. Result? They’ll move on to apply to other companies.

The solution? Reply to their messages and emails within 48 hours.

Send updates

Let candidates know the status of their application.

  • Is the application reviewed?
  • Is it rejected?
  • Is it moving forward?

Whatever the status of the application is, create a system that lets the candidates know about it.

For example,

Workello, a candidate relationship management tool, sent an automated email to the candidate telling them about the application’s status.

send automated email updates to candidates

The email is short, and concise and directs the candidate to take the next steps. When the candidate applies for a job at Workello, the recruiter receives the notifications. On reviewing the application, the recruiter can either reject or approve the application.

Based on whether the recruiter approved or rejected the application, the candidate will receive an email (on behalf of the organization for which they applied).

Upon approval, they will receive an email with instructions for the next steps-for example, an invitation for a video interview or assessment.

Give specific instructions

When candidates get specific instructions from the candidate, they have better clarity on how to move forward with the application.

For example, when you post a job ad on job portals, don’t ask the candidate to attach their resume and cover letter. Ask them specific questions they can answer in their cover letter.

Several companies ask candidates to submit a video resume highlighting the specific questions the candidate needs to answer.

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Give them a hiring timeline

Candidates become disengaged during the recruitment process because of the time-consuming hiring process. By adding a hiring timeline, candidates have clear expectations of how long they need to wait before applying for another job role.

To create a hiring timeline:

  • Determine an end date—Review the time taken to onboard past hires. Based on this, decide the timeline.

  • Decide when to stop searching—Set a limit on how long you’ll accept new candidates.

  • Schedule interviews—Set an ideal date range depending on how many candidates you want to interview.

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#2—Focus on active and passive candidates

A recruiting CRM stores information about active and passive candidates—their names, email addresses, the social channels they are active on, and notes of conversations you have had with them in the past.

By leveraging this information, you can reconnect with candidates and keep them engaged.

Active candidates

To maintain candidate relationship management with active candidates:

  • Answer their queries. Clarify if they have any doubts about the job role or recruitment process, or while filling out the job application.

  • Make it easily accessible for the candidates to reach out to you—via text messaging, calls, emails, or social platforms.

  • Update them about their application’s progress at each step.

  • Give them feedback after the interview is over. Either send it over email or invite the candidate for personalized video feedback.

  • Stay in touch with them via email and social media, and let them know about new job opportunities.

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Passive candidates

To keep passive candidates engaged:

  • Connect with them on their social channels like LinkedIn and Twitter and interact with them. Engage with their content and start a conversation in the DMs.

  • Encourage passive candidates to follow the company’s social channels—to get them to stay updated about the company’s events and know about the work the company is doing.

  • Invite them to online webinars—to humanize your interaction with them and provide them with learning resources.

Doing this you can familiarize the candidate with your organization. Once done, communicate with them via email.

When a job role opens up in your organization, send them personalized emails:

  • to let the candidate know about it
  • to see if they are a good fit for the job

Here’s how Manan Shah, Co-founder of Recruiterflow reached out to a passive candidate with a personalized email sharing about the content writing role in their organization.

send personalized emails to candidates

What worked: In the email, words like content writer and marketer, LinkedIn, and Contensify help the passive candidate understand the extensive research the person has done before reaching out to them.

They introduced their company and gave reasons why the candidate should work with them—an opportunity to learn and grow quickly. They closed the email with a question to make sure the candidate responded to the email.

How to implement: Before writing a personalized email to a passive candidate, do extensive research on the candidate and their expertise. Go to social channels they are active on, and read the work they do and have done in the past. Take notes and use these pointers while crafting your email.


  • What does your company do?

  • Why should the candidate accept your offer?

  • Why should they work with your organization?

 Weave in at least one factor into your email and end the email with a question.

To improve your relationship with passive candidates, stay in touch with them even if you haven’t hired them.

#3—Set up drip campaigns

The recruitment CRM helps you streamline the communication with the candidates with a series of automated recruitment emails.

A drip campaign is a series of touch-point emails delivered automatically to highly targeted prospects at predefined intervals. When you send these email campaigns to ideal candidates to keep them engaged with your organization, it is termed a recruitment drip campaign.

How Drip campaigns help the recruiters engage candidates

Here’s a recruitment drip campaign template provided by Dmytro Kondratiev, CEO and Legal Advisor at LLC Services.

Email 1: Introduction and Interest Check

Subject: Opportunities at Acme Corp

Hi [Candidate],

I hope this email finds you well. I came across your profile on LinkedIn. I’m impressed by your experience and skills in the [industry] field. I’m reaching out to see if you would be interested in exploring career opportunities at Acme Corp.

At Acme Corp, we are a leading [industry] company that is constantly innovating and looking for top talent to join our team. We offer a dynamic work environment, competitive salaries, and opportunities for growth and development.

Would you be open to discussing potential job opportunities at Acme Corp? I would love to learn more about your career goals and see if there might be a fit for you at our company.

Best regards, [Your Name]

Email 2: Follow-Up and Value Proposition

Subject: Acme Corp – A Great Place to Work

Hi [Candidate],

I wanted to follow up on the email I sent last week regarding potential job opportunities at Acme Corp. I hope you had a chance to review some of the information I shared about our company.

At Acme Corp, we pride ourselves on creating a positive and supportive work culture where our employees can thrive. In addition to competitive salaries and benefits, we offer a range of perks and benefits, including:

  • Flexible work schedules

  • Professional development opportunities

  • Employee wellness programs

  • Social and team-building events

We believe that our people are our most valuable asset, and we are committed to creating an environment where they can grow and succeed.

If you are still interested in exploring opportunities at Acme Corp, I would be happy to schedule a call to discuss this further. Let me know if this works for you, and we can set a date and time that is convenient for you.

Best regards, [Your Name]

Email 3: Final Follow-Up and Next Steps

Subject: Acme Corp – Let’s Talk

Hi [Candidate],

I’m reaching out one final time to see if you might be interested in discussing career opportunities at Acme Corp. We are always on the lookout for talented professionals like yourself, and I believe you would be a great fit for our team.

If you are still interested in learning more, I would be happy to schedule a call to discuss potential job openings and how your skills and experience might align with our company.

Please let me know if you are available to chat, and we can set a date and time that works for you. I look forward to connecting with you and discussing how Acme Corp can support your career goals.

#4—Integrate with social media

Your candidate relationship management software should integrate with multiple social media channels. When a potential candidate provides their email address, the CRM should be able to find social accounts created using the same email address. By looking at the candidate’s social media profile, recruiters can learn more about the candidate’s background, personality, and additional details making the hiring process simpler.

Take a look at this LinkedIn About section. When the recruiter scanned the candidate’s LinkedIn profile and read the About section, they found out about candidate’s career transition they made.

LinkedIn about section of Ruehie Jaiya Karre

The profile highlights:

  • industry—B2B SaaS
  • work experience—writing social media copy, newsletters, e-books, and how-to guides

By studying these highlights, the recruiter understands whether the candidate is the right fit for the role or not.

Also download: The Social Recruiting Cheatsheet

The connecting dots

To make sure you yield the best results for your recruitment needs:

  • Send drip campaigns to candidates.

  • Integrate the candidate’s social media profile for social screening.

  • Update the candidate on each stage of the recruitment process.

  • Save additional conversation notes along with each candidate’s details to refer back to later.

Are you ready to streamline your recruitment process with candidate relationship management software? The time is now!

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