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5 Ways to Create a WOW Candidate Experience

webinar CalenderDate Aired On: November 10, 2022


To set yourself apart from the competition in today’s race for top talent, the key is to create a WOW candidate experience. A candidate’s experience with your company during the hiring process can either make or break their decision to join your team.  And since there’s so much on the line - we brought in 2 experts to give you their proven tips on creating a positive candidate experience. Kevin Peacock and Gaurav Nagpal, Heads of Recruiting at Demandbase are joining us on this episode to help you create the perfect strategy to boost your talent pipeline. Join us on the 10th of November at 10:00 am EST to learn:

  • How to create a strong engagement strategy for mass recruiting events
  • How to identify and solve for roadblocks in a talent pipeline
  • How to actively engage candidates post offer 
And so much more!   Hear from 2 experts in the industry, save your seat today!