Technical recruitment is now easier with the new HackerEarth and Workable integration

We’re pleased to announce that HackerEarth has added yet another ATS to its list of integrations. This time around, we’ve added an integration with Workable, a leading hiring platform that...

We’re pleased to announce that HackerEarth has added yet another ATS to its list of integrations. This time around, we’ve added an integration with Workable, a leading hiring platform that enables recruiters and hiring managers to source and identify the right talent for their teams.

HackerEarth+Workable: Identify top talent, faster 

The integration between HackerEarth and Workable facilitates an efficient way for recruitment teams to screen candidates and streamline the technical recruitment workflow. Using this integration, you can post jobs on Workable, setup HackerEarth assessments and video interviews, invite candidates, and generate and share detailed candidate reports with your team. The best part is, you can do all this directly from the Workable interface without switching back and forth between the two platforms.

Benefits of the integration 

Once you’ve set up the details of the job on Workable, you can use HackerEarth Assessment to initiate your screening process. Here are the top benefits of screening candidates on Workable using HackerEarth Assessment. 

Create accurate skill-based assessments

Automate the test creation process to assess candidates accurately on multiple skills. Access 12K+ questions from the prebuilt question library to test candidates. Assess candidates over 38+ programming languages and 500+ developer skills using 11 different assessment types.

Streamline your tech hiring workflow

HackerEarth Assessment can pre-screen candidates from your applicant pool and help you identify the best using detailed performance reports. Get recommendations to shortlist candidates and conduct live video interviews to assess their skills in real-time.

Get finer details about a candidate’s performance

Integrating HackerEarth Assessment with Workable can help you identify engineers who have the right skills for the job. Use HackerEarth Assessment to evaluate candidates based on their scores, time taken to complete a test, skills they’ve excelled at, and the overall quality of their code. You can use the CodePlayer to replay a candidate’s code strokes to review their logical and programming skills. 

Share insights with your team 

Involve critical stakeholders in every stage of your screening process and share insights on the candidate performance with your team to make more collaborative decisions.

Setting up the recruitment workflow 

To set up the workflow, you’ll need an account with HackerEarth. In case you’re new to HackerEarth, please sign up to create an account.

1.Retrieve the API key from your HackerEarth account

Once you’ve logged in to HackerEarth,

  • Click on Settings and navigate to Integrations
  • Choose Workable from the list and click on Generate API Key   
  • Copy the API key

HackerEarth API Integration

2.  Sign in to Workable to complete the integration

  • Click the user icon on the upper right corner and navigate to Integrations
  • Choose HackerEarth Assessment from the list.
  • Paste the API key into the field
  • Click Update Settings 

steps to integrate HackerEarth with ATS

3.   Set up assessments 

  • To add an assessment for a job, first create or edit a job on Workable. Next, navigate to the Assessment Test tab.

Setup ats with hackerearth- steps to integrate HackerEarth with ATS

  • Assessment Tests are linked to specific stages in the recruiting pipeline. These include Phone Screen, Assessment, and Interview. Select the appropriate stage from the dropdown menu and click on Assessment Test.

steps to integrate HackerEarth with ATS: Workable integration

steps to integrate HackerEarth with ATS

  • From the list of tests available, choose the most appropriate test for this stage and save your changes. Now you can invite candidates to take your test. 

Choosing assessment based on skill type

Inviting candidates for assessment

  • To add another assessment for a different stage, click on add another evaluation method on the left-hand side. Choose HackerEarth from the Assessment Test, select the appropriate test, and save. Repeat this until you have added all the tests you need for each stage. Similarly, you can also set up video interviews for each stage. 

Assessments based on job role

  • To edit or delete a test from a stage, choose the test from the list. Click the pencil icon against the name. When the selected test loads in the main window, click the pencil icon on the right to edit the test or the small dustbin icon to delete it.

Editing a test on Workable

Delete a test on Workable

4. Send assessments to candidates 

  • When a candidate reaches a stage in the screening process which has pre-populated assessments, an icon appears in the candidate’s profile. 
  • Click on the icon to send the test to the candidate.

ATS integration

Assessment for Developer

5. Analyze and share insights on candidate performance

Once a candidate has completed an assessment, you will receive an email with a link to view the results (via a report) on the candidate’s timeline. You can download the full report or view the results externally on the HackerEarth Assessment platform.

steps to integrate HackerEarth with ATS

Try the Workable integration with HackerEarth and let us know how it works for you. If you need any help on using this feature, write to us at If you’re new to HackerEarth and want to create accurate skill-based developer assessments, sign up for a  14-day free trial.


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