How 3 women technologists built a career of their dreams

December 6, 2018
6 mins

Did you know that women seeking leadership roles often report a lack of good mentors as an obstacle to their career growth. We recently ran a survey for women technologists and almost 47% of the respondents claimed that they had no tech mentors or role models to look up to.

With a growing demand for technologists worldwide, organizations have a need now, more than ever, to create workplaces which support and uplift women in technology. And a great way of doing this is to provide them with mentors and role models who can help them go a long way in their careers.

We interviewed 3 top women technologists on their journey so far and here is their guide to building an enviable career in tech –


Chetna Prabhu

Assistant VP – Fixed Income Technology, Tradeweb


Laurie Timms

Designation – Vice President – Technology Practice, RacePoint Global


Sepideh Nasiri

Designation – Founder and CEO, Persian Women in Tech

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