Tech interviews simplified with HackerEarth FaceCode

The all-new FaceCode is the result of extensive customer feedback and tons of engineering hours. This latest addition to our technical recruitment platform allows you to seamlessly conduct remote technical interviews.

What is FaceCode?

FaceCode is an online interviewing platform that lets you conduct remote video interviews to evaluate the programming skills of candidates without compromising on the interviewing experience.

Benefits of using FaceCode for your tech interviews

  • Accurately evaluate a candidate’s coding skills: FaceCode gives you a real-time collaborative code-editor that supports over 30 programming languages such as Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby etc. You can give technical questions to candidates and let them write, edit, and compile code in real-time. At the same time you and the other interviewers can view the code in the collaborative editor and suggest improvements or ask for a follow-up questions.
  • Run high-quality video interviews: The product is also optimized for a video-call experience. When you don’t want the candidate to write code but for instance want them to explain an application architecture, you can use full-screen video mode and have a high-quality video call. The improved quality of video streaming enables for a real-time sync between all the participants in the interview.
  • Provide a holistic interview experience with a user-friendly UI/UX: The new UI/UX has been made both intuitive and engaging to makes it easier for interviewers and candidates to interact seamlessly. Encompassing several user-friendly features like the multi-room text chat, the design allows effortless communication between participants.
  • Maintain consistency of interview process across multiple interviewers: FaceCode helps you eliminate the issue of inconsistency in interviews across different interviewes in the organization. You can create a pool of standardized interview questions, add them to your question library and let different interviewers use the same set of questions for their interviews.
  • Easily collect feedback on candidates: We understand that collecting feedback from multiple interviewers can be a challenging task. FaceCode makes it super-easy for you to collect interviewer feedback. At the end of the interview, every interviewer is prompted to give a rating on a 10-point scale and fill in subjective feedback.
  • Better interview management through dashboards: The FaceCode dashboard lets you view interview details for every candidate such as average rating and feedback. It also lets you to copy/share interview links and reschedule ongoing interviews.
  • Keep a track of interviews through activity logs: The interview logs give you a detailed analysis of every interview conducted so you can backtrack and look up information at any point of time.
  • Effortless scheduling: We understand how scheduling interviews can be a pain. With FaceCode, interviews can be scheduled and rescheduled (if necessary) at the click of a button. FaceCode can be integrated with Recruit so that you can directly schedule interviews for candidates who have been screened via an online tests. FaceCode also comes with a Google Calendar integration.

A step-by-step guide to using FaceCode

To help you get started, we have created a step-by-step guide for conducting your first video interview on FaceCode.

  1. Creating a new interview
  2. Interview interface
  3. Adding interviewers
  4. Adding questions to your interview
  5. Providing feedback about the candidate

If you are an admin, log into Recruit to try FaceCode.

If you are new here and want to know more about harnessing the power of technology for your recruitment needs, sign up for a 14-day free trial.

With powerful new features and enhancements, now is a great time to start using FaceCode for your remote tech interviews. Have a great day!

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