Developers Skill Assessment Software: Testing Beyond the Technical

Developers Skill Assessment Software: Testing Beyond the Technical

Skill assessment software has become the new buzzword in the software development industry. Recruiters are looking for highly skilled candidates to handle their software development duties. The market for systems integration, software, and IoT hardware has reached $520 billion as of 2021 compared to $235 billion in 2017 and is expected to continue the trend for many years. As a result, the demand for talented software developers is witnessing unprecedented growth.

While the number of software developers globally is estimated to reach 28.7 million by 2024, this number falls woefully short of the required levels. As the demand for software developers shows no signs of abating, recruiters are eager to hire qualified software developers.

Are you also looking to hire the best software developer to grow your business? How can you ensure that the candidate you select best fits the role?

You need to find a well-rounded candidate that is sufficiently qualified in both hard and soft skills. Asking the right technical interview questions when recruiting developers is important but so is clear communication, good work ethic, and alignment with your organization’s goals.

First, let’s tackle the technical expertise of a candidate, which can be determined with a coding assessment platform. It is one of the most popular skill assessment tools as it offers recruiters direct insight into the candidate’s skill set.

What are technical skills testing software?

Technical Skills Assessment Software solutions are used by companies to ascertain the candidates’ technical skills. Recruiters use these platforms to test the technical skills of the candidates, like coding, while shortlisting prospective employees for technical roles. Software developer assessment platforms are widely used for pre-employment testing as they offer the flexibility to set difficulty levels, select the coding language, and then rank the candidates based purely on performance. As a result, companies can eliminate candidates who do not possess the necessary skill sets from the recruitment process.

A coding assessment platform is nowadays an integral part of the recruitment process as it allows for live coding interviews as well. Moreover, these software solutions also support remote interviewing for different technical profiles. A technical talent assessment platform comes with an in-built video feature to facilitate remote interviews. Alternatively, the software can also integrate with a suitable video call platform.

Why companies are using technical assessment software to hire the right talent

 Key Benefits Of Coding Assessments Tools

Most software development companies use skill assessment software to complete the coding assessment for candidates who have applied for the vacancy. These platforms allow the companies to screen out unsuitable candidates at the outset, allowing the time and flexibility to select the best developers for the available profiles.

Higher accuracy

Technical assessments are quickly replacing traditional interviews in software developer assessment. Technical assessment software ensures higher accuracy while selecting candidates for specific profiles. The results of such a skill assessment are free from bias and are more reliable. Moreover, these tests help with the long-term prospects of the candidate in the given profile.

Real-time assessment

Skill assessment software allows recruiters to test the coding abilities of a candidate in real-world scenarios. This helps ensure that the shortlisted candidates possess all the required skills that the job demands. A technical assessment of a candidate’s skills offers deep insights into their ability to cope with the demands of the job.

Quicker and accurate

Completing a software developer assessment through technical assessment software is much quicker and more accurate than any other option that recruiters can use. These assessments are conducted at pre-interview levels and most often can be completed online. As a result, recruiters get insights into the skill set of the candidates before the interview stage, thereby allowing for shortlisting of the most suitable candidates only. Hence, the recruitment processes can be expedited through this approach.

Interesting recruitment process

An online assessment platform enables the recruiters to define the coding language and difficulty level per the requirements. This feature makes the assessment test an interesting experience for the candidates as well as for the recruiters. By eliminating mundane recruitment processes, these platforms allow the recruiters to shortlist the candidates based on purely their performance in the technical test.

Better employee retention

Online skills assessment software allows recruiters to accurately match candidates with suitable job profiles. As the candidates possess the required skills for a given profile, they enjoy better job satisfaction when they start working. As a result, employees are more likely to continue working with the company for an extended duration as their skill sets perfectly match the job requirements.

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How does online skills assessment software work?

A skill assessment software tests a candidate’s expected skills through an engaging user flow. Recruiters can get rid of multiple offline hiring stages with the help of online skills assessment software. Moreover, these software solutions empower informed decision-making by ensuring transparency around the performance of every candidate. Here is a summary of how online skills assessment software works: –

  • Define the parameters: – First, you must select the coding language and difficulty level required for the test. You can also define the good and bad answers to help the platform grade the candidates accurately
  • Invite candidates: – You can invite the candidate through email or share a direct link on the recruitment page with the candidate. You can also monitor the progress of the candidates through this software
  • Check the result: – After the coding assessment has been completed, you can check the performance of candidates in the software. The candidates will be ranked based on the parameters defined by you
  • Finalize a decision: – After you have assessed the performance of different candidates, it is time to make a final decision. You can email the candidates with details related to the further selection process

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Go beyond the technical: Soft skills the right talent needs

Now that you know how to ascertain the technical knowledge of your candidates, let’s take a look at some of the behavioral aspects of a candidate that sets them apart from the rest.


Communication skills are crucial while assessing the skills of your new hire. When working on a new project, developers must know how to start, the what, why, and how of the project for successful completion. And this happens when they ace at written and verbal communication well.

Oral communication: Imagine a developer reviewing a code for errors based on their manager’s instructions. Now, they have to explain where they found the error and how they are planning to improve it. This requires the developer to communicate their explanation in a simpler way that clarifies all the doubts.

Written communication: Beyond the documentation, your full-time developer needs to communicate over email and Slack messages. So, check how clearly they can communicate their written message.

To identify whether the developer you’re hiring is good at communication, do this:

  • Set up scrum meetings with the hiring managers and observe the interaction style of the developer
  • Get them to write emails and see how clear they are in their written communication

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While working on an important project, your team needs to take the final call— sometimes without their team leader too. That’s where they need to have the in-built leadership trait in them to ease the work.

To analyze this trait while hiring your next developer, don’t *just* emphasize asking them technical questions but also ask them about their life experiences where they displayed ownership and leadership qualities. Listening to their responses, you can identify how good leadership skills they have.

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Skill assessment software solutions are designed to transform how hiring processes for technical profiles are completed. Armed with such solutions and ensuring to test candidates for culture fit, recruiters are in a better position to select the best candidates in an unbiased manner.

Remember, a mix of strong technical skills and interpersonal qualities is how you spot good candidates for your tech teams.

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