Infinity stones every HR needs to collect before the war

Before I begin writing, let me clarify that I am a DC fan and had not realized Marvel existed until Robert Downey Jr. decided to come on board as...

Before I begin writing, let me clarify that I am a DC fan and had not realized Marvel existed until Robert Downey Jr. decided to come on board as Iron Man. It has been 10 years since the first Marvel cinematic universe film hit the theatres to eventually become Hollywood’s most successful franchise.

I have always been a comic book fan, and firmly believe that reading is never a waste of time, no matter what I read, be it a comic or a biography.

I am on a constant quest to find novel ways of using a technical recruitment software and with Avengers: Endgame set to release soon, a thought struck me. If an HR had to go and hunt for these Infinity stones, what would they be?

So here is my list of 6 infinity stones HR should start looking for:

1. Soul Stone – Power control over all life in the universe
HR Power – Improve effective communication

What was once considered an effective tool in HR’s strategic leadership is now a necessity — effective communication.

HR bridges the gap between top management and employees, they work towards developing leadership skills at all levels helping an organization grow, works on to implement changes. There is often a lot of work by human resource going on in the background which goes unnoticed.

To make it stand out is the dire need of an organization is great strategic communication. A clear communication strategy helps not only keeping the organization intact and stitched, it also helps in preparing for the unexpected hurdles to be encountered.


2. Time Stone – Allows a user to see in past and future
HR power – Understand the need of the company and employees

Every generation speaks a different language and has different expectations in terms of what they expect from life and work. Similarly, as a company grows the culture changes and evolves in terms of work and life at the office.

The present and future of HR functions are to embrace information in descriptive(Insight into data), predictive (Understanding the future), and perspective (Decision on outcomes) approach.

HR should evolve with the power to look back to the past and understand the present to create a better future. Activities such as competency mapping, performance appraisal, and addressing past grievances are few gaps to be bridged.

Employees need to be aligned with the vision and mission of companies as they evolve and move into the future.


3. Space stone – Allows a user to exist in any location or teleport.
HR power – Be omnipresent

While employees come with many different skill sets, personal, and occupational experiences in an organization, what drives them is a cause to connect and work together for a cause.

With all the experience we had by connecting with more than thousands of HR executives and talent acquisition managers across the globe, the idea of connectivity has been a key driver of employee engagement.

Efficient HR is a binding thread where it works toward connecting employees with each other and also connecting employees to the greater cause of the organization.

To enable teamwork various employee engagement activities across teams need to be done. Another major activity the HR team can bring about is cross-team interaction.


4. Mind Stone – Access thoughts and dream of others
HR power – Access the dream

Success is a subjective term and different people define it in different ways. A lot many employees know what they want but are at a loss when trying to figure out how to get there.

As a Human Resource person, you need to be the resource to guide future stars. Work with your employees to help them achieve their dreams.

In this great read by Nikolas Tore, “6 steps to success, HR can be a partner in crime,” which talks about empowering your team to think big thoughts that align with your goal.


5. Reality Stone – Allows the users to fulfil their wishes and do things that are normally impossible
HR power – Help employees reach the right place.

Most people believe that HR has nothing to do but hiring and onboarding people, getting loads of paperwork in order, and focusing only on company benefit rather than employees.

Go out and make it clear that you will be happy to help your employees with a career plan. Send out employer surveys and listen to the issues.

Talk to underperforming employees, take peer to peer feedback along with the manager, this would help in getting a better sense of the issue. Tuition reimbursement, resume building, medical reimbursement are few compensations that build a bond and trust towards the company. Encourage it.

Remember, most employees leave a company when they don’t see growth. If you show them the way, you have them.


6. Power Stone – Access and manipulate all forms of energy
HR power – Proper use of power

Peter parker’s famous Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

In an acceptably equitable office environment, members of the management don’t take extended coffee breaks, make promotion decisions based on personal preferences or get away with inappropriate comments simply because they reside in corner offices.

As HR, you have the power to access and manipulate all forms of energy which flows in your organization. Issues like diversity and gender gaps are prominent and are often raised due to the abuse of power. Greater attention should be put into these niggling issues. The same rules for everyone, please!

No doubt, the 6 mentioned are termed as Infinity Gems. These stones help the holder to master the universe. Each stone brings along a must have power which would help the user grow to a scale which is unmatched.

It’s time human resource takes into the accounts of their must-have powers which they need to find to master their universe.

These stones in the right hand can make a major difference. Go for it.

And remember you can find inspiration in places where no one has dwelled before.


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