HackerEarth Sees Significant Surge In Remote Assessments And Interviews For Tech Roles In Q3 2020

HackerEarth Assessments - Press Release - Surge in Assessments

The platform has experienced a 250% YoY increase in remote assessments, and a 4,000% YoY increase in remote interviews conducted on its platform FaceCode.


November 23, 2020: HackerEarth, a leading developer assessment and tech interview solutions provider, today reported a significant surge in the number of remote assessments and remote interviews conducted across its platforms during Q3.

The COVID pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and the need to hire tech talent across industries as businesses go remote. After a brief lull in May while companies waited for the pandemic dust to settle, hiring for tech roles has exploded, with the U.S. adding more than 200,000 IT workers in June. As businesses adjust to a ‘new normal’ for remote workplaces and Human Capital Management, video interviews and online assessments are becoming mainstays of the hiring process.

The new, remote-first world has created an unprecedented demand for remote hiring solutions,” said Sachin Gupta, CEO of HackerEarth. “In Q3 we saw massive adoption of our remote developer assessments, and the use of our technical interview solution, FaceCode, increased dramatically. We believe that the future of hiring will be remote, particularly for developer roles, which benefit from online assessments that increase the ease of test administration and proctoring and place emphasis on skills first and foremost.


HackerEarth’s remote assessments have helped organizations evaluate more than 4 million developers to date. The platform assists recruiters and hiring managers in creating online assessments in just a few clicks, evaluating a candidate’s proficiency across 40+ programming languages and 500+ skills, shortlisting the most exceptional talent, and, ultimately, easily scheduling remote interviews on FaceCode.

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