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As October draws to an end, Halloween creeps upon us. Prepare to be spellbound with our delightfully dark but magical updates. 

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What’s inside? Halloween charms! 

Get wicked with mock coding interviews: No tricks just treats 

The HackerEarth platform uses AI to give you access to more than 2,500 questions used by Fortune 500 companies in several coding challenges and programming interviews.

These mock coding interviews questions are divided into three levels—easy, medium, and hard. Also, the platform generates reports to let you benchmark your programming skills and lets you take a test as many times as you want, with a new set of questions each time!.

The HackerEarth platform provides a real-time coding interview environment to test your coding skills in Java, Python, and C++.

We provide an excellent opportunity for developers to become familiar with coding interview questions and formats. In the process, people can gain confidence by acquiring knowledge about their strengths and areas of improvement before an actual interview.

PEEK A BOO at last month’s coding challenges 

At Hackerearth, we understand that every passionate programmer likes to showcase his/her programming skills and competing in a coding challenge is the best way to do so. Last month we conducted the following two coding contests.

  • CodeStar Contest #1

In association with the AlphaStar Academy, HackerEarth conducted the CodeStar Contest #1. This programming challenge was intended for high school and college students.

It was a 3-hour individual contest consisting of 8 problems that were roughly arranged from very easy to hard difficulty levels. The winners took home exciting cash prizes, an Xbox One S, and HackerEarth t-shirts.

Know more here.

  • Classify the Lunar Rock: HackerEarth Data Science Competition

HackerEarth joined hands with Dataquest and hosted a highly engaging and informative coding challenge—Classify the Lunar Rock:HackerEarth Data Science Competition.

Its aim was to help people improve their Deep Learning skills by competing and learning from fellow participants.

Know more here

Broomsticks, cobwebs, and old witches’ brew, we’ve hosted fantastic webinars just for you!

HackerEarth has a deep-rooted love toward webinars. We have hosted a hundred of them to date. When webinars are good, they are helpful and useful. When they’re great, they’re transformative!

We recently conducted two such informative webinars. 

Don’t be afraid. The November spookmaster plan lies ahead. 

Help pave the way for the future of coding at HackerEarth!

We are excited to announce the beginning of challenges:

  • November Easy—This is a series of HackerEarth’s beginner-level coding challenges that are hosted on the first weekend of every month. The purpose of this challenge is to help beginners hone their coding skills in a programming language of their choice. Easy is a rated contest and is open for everyone to participate.
  • Data Structures and Algorithm (DSA) coding contest—We have in store a one-of-a-kind, Data Structures and Algorithm coding contest where you can compete in a real-time interview environment and hone your skills.

    If you are interested in creating problems for our challenges, do write to us to problem_setting@hackerearth.com.Get involved and code your way to glory!

Here's what you can do next

Check out FaceCode:
an intelligent coding interview tool